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King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
The starting screen.
Graham finds a nice little house.
Inside of the house. It turns out that the house is Grandma's House.
Hear the bells at the church toll.
Graham is outside of the church.
Graham walks into the church.
Near a rocky mountain side.
Graham explores the landscape.
Graham can swim as well as walk.
Near a poisoned river. Walk into that water and you'll be a goner.
Yonder lies a castle! How can I get across the river?
Swimming in a pond.
Look! I found something on the ground!
Near the antique shop.
Outside of the antique shop.
A rope bridge.
The magic door.
Near a rocky ravine. Watch your step!
Looks like someone lives in this tree.
A ladder!
Ow! Watch your step, Graham!
Inside of the tree home.
I have a pot of soup.
I found Little Red Riding Hood.
A giant sea horse... Maybe I can ride it?
Going under the sea on the sea horse.
Voyage to the bottom of the sea...
I hope that shark won't bite me...
Graham meets with King Neptune.
Inside of the antique shop.
It's my lucky day! There's a genie inside of my lamp!
Nice view from up here.
A snake! I hate snakes!
Graham finds a cave.
One of the keys is in the cave!
The Amiga version of King's Quest II features a mouse controlled menu system.
The inventory screen.
The help screen.

Apple II version

Game intro: Graham in now king, but he's lonely and wants a wife.
The Beginning
As if...
What the hell?
Hagatha's cave
King Neptune's underwater cavern
Aren't you supposed to go looking for the three keys instead of taking a swim?
Grandma's house
Walking along.
Near a lake with posinous water.
Walking around the lake.
A hollow log.
More forest.
More of the countryside.
Water nearby.
Antique shop.
Near a mountain.
Walking along the mountain side.
Chasm nearby.
Crossing the bridge.
Across the bridge.
A strange door...
A pesky little dwarf is nearby!
The dwarf is trouble. Get out of there fast
Graham at the church

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Intro: Sir Graham is now King Graham... And don't you forget it, punk!
King's Graham's quest for a queen has begun... Maybe this whole thing would have been easier if he had tried on-line dating instead.
Pull down menu.
Save game menu.
A nice little house.
Inside grandma's house.
Sea shore.
More sea shore.
A description of an inventory object.
Near the poisoned lake.
Walking along the countryside.
Look out for the dwarf - he'll steal your treasures!
Inside the tree house.
Climbing down.
The dwarf's house.
All trees in the King Quest universe are nice until KQ IV... Then they'll try to kill you.
We're on a bridge, Charlie! Errr... King Graham!
The Door! (What is the Door?) The Door is everything! The Door controls Time and Space! The Door can see into your mind! The Door can see into your SOUL! (Really, the Door can do all that?) Heh, no.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Taking a swim in this nice little lake.
The door to the church.
Inside the chapel.
Antique shop.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting location
Examining an object
Grandma's house
Inside the chapel
Standing near a pretty little pond
Inventory screen
Inside the treehouse
Is that bridge safe for crossing?
King Graham meets a mermaid
Paying a visit to Neptune
Holy cameo appearance!
On a flying carpet
Near a river.
Exploring the river.
A stake is next to that tree.
Exploring the coast.
A trident is on the ground.
Walking along the countryside.
A tree house.
Title screen (Monochrome)
Starting screen (Monochrome)
Picking up monochrome flowers would not be the same anyway (Monochrome)
She is not only sick, she also lacks her colors (Monochrome)

DOS version

Title screen
Life is good now...?
Opening screen
Oh no!
This place doesn't look too safe
King Graham encounters a mermaid
Riding a seahorse underwater
Holy Dark Crusader! Is that what I think it is?
A very nice looking house
Oh no! Here comes the big bad wolf!
Outside a church
Graham prays at the church
Taking a nice little dip in the water
The antique shop
Inside the antique shop.
Walking along in a forest
Walking along the countryside
Look! A trident on the ground!
Near the not so healthy looking river
Near some rocks
An old bridge
A ravine
Inside a tree house
A humble home
Swimming out into the deep
A giant sea horse!
Flying on a magic carpet
A snake?! I hate snakes!
Inside a cave.
Sailing toward the castle
The castle entrance is well guarded!
1nside the castle.
A stone stairway inside the castle.
A tower inside the castle.
Yes, these old Sierra games love stairs! :-)
A far away land where colors are very strange!
Riding a fish.
A tower!
One of the last obstacles in the game
Title Screen (CGA Composite)
Beach (CGA Composite)
Intro (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Intro (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Credits (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Starting screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Title screen (Hercules graphics)
Intro (Hercules graphics)
Entering a command. (Hercules graphics)
A beautiful cottage (Hercules graphics)

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The game introduction (CGA with composite monitor)
The game begins here (CGA with composite monitor)
I don't see anything special here, do you? (CGA with composite monitor)
Yes, I am indeed thinking of crossing this bridge... (CGA with composite monitor)
Protective spells are always helpful (CGA with composite monitor)
A little antique shop is here... (CGA with composite monitor)
The beginning location (CGA with RGB monitor)
I wonder who lives in this cozy little cottage? (CGA with RGB monitor)
A wolf!! Good thing I saved early and saved often... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Little Red Riding Hood is here (CGA with RGB monitor)
Wandering, lost in the forest... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Hmm, a monastary (CGA with RGB monitor)
The monk doesn't seem interested in speaking with me (CGA with RGB monitor)
Introduction. (PCjr)
Start of the game. (PCjr)
Seashore. (PCjr)
Little Red Riding Hood. (PCjr)
Near the poisoned lake. (PCjr)
A nice little home. (PCjr)
Grandma. (PCjr)
The church. (PCjr)
Maybe the monks here will help Graham? (PCjr)
In the church. (PCjr)
Rockly mountain nearby. (PCjr)
The Batmobile! (PCjr)
A tree house. (PCjr)
Ladder. (PCjr)
Can I borrow a cup of sugar? (PCjr)
Ow... I feel pain. (PCjr)
Clam. (PCjr)
Swimming. (PCjr)
Antique shop and corny joke. (PCjr)
Flowers. (PCjr)
Great... I'm a frog now. (PCjr)
An ad for the Black Cauldron on a tree. (PCjr)
Bridge. (PCjr)
Door. (PCjr)