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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Sierra logo
Title screen
The opening sequence
Cedric saw the castle disappear
Starting the game
There is a weeping willow with a harp here
Entering a town
Entering the desert, be careful!
A forest path.
In a village.
Talking to a man with a broken wagon.
In the tailor's shop.
The control menu.
In the toy shop.
In the shoe shop.
The bakery.
Inside the bakery.
Outside of the inn.
Inside the inn.
The bandits at the inn tied me up, and threw me down in the basement!
Near a tree with a bee hive.
The desert.
A cool drink in the desert is just what Graham needs right now.
A desert camp.
That dog is bothering the ants.
The gypsy wagon.
That sign means what it says.
A path in the dark forest.
What's that young man upset about?
The gnomes house.
A help screen.
The evil witch is locked in a safe place, now how do I find the exit?
The underground passage with some interesting paleontological details
While the 32-color Amiga version usually doesn't look as good as PC's VGA, the mountains really look interesting in this reduced color palette.
Graham's private harp concert for Queen Icebella and her wolves...
The harpy island
Graham and Cedric are approaching Mordack's island - as always, Cedric's warning will come when there is little left to do...
The castle entrance - of course Graham can't just ring and say "Sorry, Mordack, but I believe you have borrowed something without asking"... ;)
Graham is learning some useful spells.

DOS version

Sierra Company Logo (MCGA/VGA)
Title screen (MCGA/VGA)
Introduction (MCGA/VGA)
Introduction (MCGA/VGA)
Introduction continued (MCGA/VGA)
In-game shot (MCGA/VGA)
The town (MCGA/VGA)
In a store (MCGA/VGA)
Desert Castle (MCGA/VGA)
Cedric the old wizard wonders why sitting in "HIS" river... (MCGA/VGA)
The options menu are more graphical...(overlooking the bakery) (MCGA/VGA)
That termite castle looks better than most buildings I know... (MCGA/VGA)
I wonder if these gypsies know the Avatar? (MCGA/VGA)
The weeping willow...formerly beautiful princess, now professional harp player at medieval pubs (MCGA/VGA)
Sierra somehow doesn't quite comprehend that tooo many ways to die irritates the player...ribit! (MCGA/VGA)
There goes the "needle in the haystack" theory... (MCGA/VGA)
Archaeologists would really love this place! (MCGA/VGA)
Forest Path (MCGA/VGA)
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Introduction (EGA/Tandy)
Introduction continued (EGA/Tandy)
In-game shot (EGA/Tandy)
The town (EGA/Tandy)
In a store (EGA/Tandy)
Desert Castle (EGA/Tandy)
Forest Path (EGA/Tandy)
Beautiful scenery in the game's intro. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Inside the toy shop. (CDROM version) (VGA)
A village. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Graham takes a drink from a desert oasis. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Graham finds the camp of the desert bandits. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Inside the desert bandit's treasure cave. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Inside a spooky home. (CDROM version) (VGA)
That bear is trying to get some honey from the bees. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Graham gets some help from some friendly little people. (CDROM version) (VGA)
The princess is now a princess again, thanks to Graham. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Graham's inventory. (CDROM version) (VGA)
The inn. (CDROM version) (VGA)
The inn's kitchen. (CDROM version) (VGA)
In the snowy mountains (CDROM version) (VGA)
Snowy mountains. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Queen Icebella's throne room. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Queen Icebella. (CDROM version) (VGA)
It's a yeti! (CDROM version) (VGA)
Crystal cave. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Beach. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Boat house. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Sailing to an island. (CDROM version) (VGA)
Casimma is here in the kitchen. She will have a bigger role in King's Quest VI. (CDROM version) (VGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Meeting the owl Cedric
Starting location
In a forest. Visible interface
Trying to talk to whatever is in that tree
Outside of the town
Town center
Dialogue portraits in indoor locations
Embarrassing moment
River bank
Note the detailed cat animation
A dwarf is playing with a toy
Musical tree
Fortune teller's wagon
As in many Sierra games, there is an endless desert here
Ways to Die #43: bitten by a scorpion. And where is my funny message?..
Ways to Die #115: the wizard kills you
Ways to Die #171: the hero can't swim
In the settings you can switch from Japanese to English voices
Saving the game at the bandit's camp
Madame Mushka - the fortune teller
The witch and her house
The genie and the witch
Don't you know, the only sensible action to stop a Yeti from killing you is to throw a custard pie in his face
Queen Icebella
The incredibly annoying Cedric the Owl warns you to "Watch out!" when it's already too late to prevent anything
Though the FM Towns version came on CD, notice the icons are just like in the DOS floppy version, whereas in the DOS CD version they were in color
Labyrinth beneath Mordack's castle
Grabbing some peas at the castle's pantry
Graham returns the locket to Cassima
Final confrontation with Mordack, spells menu

PC-98 version

In the PC-98 version, all the setup is done when running the main game
Ahh, the nostalgic logo... :)
Title screen
Intro. Castle Daventry is about to disappear
As the credits run...
Not only the owl can speak; he can speak JAPANESE! :)
Dig this "absent-minded professor" outfit, dude. A tad overkill with the whole "I'm-too-cool-for-underwear" attitude, though...
Starting location. You impatiently grab the roof
Go, brave warrior! Go!...
Unsure whether you should go on that path or not, you open the Sierra icon interaction menu
Middle of the forest "hub". You open your inventory
Nice view of the city. Too bad the graphics on PC-98 are so lousy
Dialogues have those portraits and block the whole screen...
Another wacky fantasy creature. A tree who is playing a harp. Maybe I should get a piano for her. Maybe she could swing, you know. Play Thelonious Monk or something
You bravely venture into the Evil Wizard Realm (TM)
You get zapped...
...and turned into a frog. You'd think you could continue the game in a frog form, but no. Game is over
Nice architecture!
All house interiors are displayed in small windows. Very annoying, uncomfortable, and just plain bad-looking
I wonder what those guys are doing there...
The wise owl will offer professional consulting from time to time. It mostly consists of: "Be careful, Graham!!.. There is deep water there!!..", as if you were blind or didn't play the other KQs
Hey, now I want to play Ultima
The classic Sierra Desert To Be Lost In (TM)
Beautiful view here. You try to talk to yourself
You get bitten by a scorpion... Life was good as long as it lasted
They really tried, but the inferior graphics of PC-98 made this town look less beautiful than it was supposed to

Windows 3.x version

Title sequence
Castle Daventry.
Start of the game.
Game options menu.
Forest path.
Outside the village.
The village.
Shoe shop.
A young prince is here crying.
Outside the bakery.
Inside the bakery.
Outside the inn.
Inside the inn.