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The King's Secret Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Intro starts
Mischievous fairy came
Scenario selection
Adventure beggins + game menu
In the throne room of the Queen + selection options
Mini quest - escape from the labyrinth
It is time to stab the queen
Mini quest - repeat the melody
Mini quest - compose the torn letter
Mini quest - decorate the magic mirror
Magic mirror spy
Time to start the adventures
Lumberjack lost his ax in the river
King needs wood to the fire
Mini quest - needs of the tree
Transformation of the king in the tree
Flower garden
Source of the worries found
Road to the castle
Real man source of happiness
Happy ending
Mother Queen
Worried wife
Concerned citizens of the kingdom
Mini quest - body construction
Daily jogging
Time to wake up the king
Mini quest - trolley construction
Trip break
Man listening to the kingdom
Worried king
Flowers garden
Meeting with the dragon
Dragon's quest
Mini quest - sounds recognition
Mini quest - match exercise
Heavy lifting
Mini quest - raw materials
Meeting with the Red Riding Hood
Sedan chair travel