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Kirby Super Star Screenshots

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese release)
Title screen (European release)
The story
Main menu. Choose between the various games
Punch championship
Samurai battle: the one who presses a button first, wins
Starting the game Dynablade
World map in Dynablade
In-game tutorial
This level looks quite suitable for Kirby...
Kirby is swimming with the mask on
Wow, Kirby is more powerful now!
Watch out, enemies and walls, this Kirby-shooter can destroy anything with his powerful ray
This boss is quite nasty: if he inhales Kirby, the game is over
Gourmet Race: run!!!
The Cave Offensive, a game with many hidden treasures and secret levels
Nice exotic setting
Finding a treasure in the Cave Offensive
If you touch this star, the door will open
Kirby eats a chicken, and mutates to a mighty feather-throwing fellow :)
A saving room in Cave Offensive
This boss will destroy the bridge himself, so just push him into the abyss
A Metroid reference.
This enemy will throw bombs at you, pay attention
The tree throws apples on you: you have to inhale them and then to spit on the tree to defeat it
The boss is defeated, the level is completed, Kirby is now three, and look at this sad tree
A dangerous level with spikes
Flying over the fence
This is not a chess game... Defeat this boss by eating the ice cubes he throws
On the castle wall, near an entrance
Up among the clouds
Nice level
Night falls on the Dream Land
This is a particularly nasty boss... looks spooky, too
The Great Cave is actually Dreamland's Lost and Found Dept.
Revenge of Meta-Knight game
Revenge of Meta-Knight is structured like an action movie - Kirby attacks enemy's flying battle ship
Nice Continue screen
Revenge of Meta-Knight: Double Cannon
Revenge of Meta-Knight: Kirby needs to destroy various elements of the ship
Revenge of Meta-Knight: Auto-scrolling escape from the giant crab boss
Revenge of Meta-Knight: fighting the Meta-Knight
Milky Way Wishes game
Milky Way Wishes - Kirby needs to visit a number of planets and get his abilities and stars
Milky Way Wishes - lava planet
Milky Way Wishes - list of collected abilities
Milky Way Wishes - turn-based boss fight
Milky Way Wishes - a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up stage
Milky Way Wishes - last boss
The final unlockable game mode is the Arena where Kirby needs to defeat all the game's bosses with as little as 5 life refills
Cute sound test menu

Official Screenshots

  • Kirby Super Star Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Kirby Super Star Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Kirby Super Star Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Kirby Super Star Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Kirby Super Star Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop