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Original and cute adventure on the NES, but badly lack challenge and variety NES Bregalad (968)
Cute, sweet and a good challenge for inexperienced platformers like myself NES Pixelspeech (1006)
In my opinion, this is another NES game that TOTALLY RULES! NES Dark Cloud (35)
Kirby's Adventure = NES classic NES Weston Sharpensteen (32)
Still awesome after almost 15 years. NES Andy Social (18)

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Platform Votes Score
NES 65 4.2
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii 8 3.8
Wii U Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 73 4.1

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Graphics are bright and happy: the tropical water looks inviting, the ice sends a chill, and the towering castles, which have some amazing scrolling effects, are sufficiently daunting. The music is almost always uplifting and extremely catchy. It isn’t going to offer much of a challenge, but that makes this excellent title accessible to everyone. It’s an absolute joy to play and is one of the brightest gems to come out of the NES’s twilight years.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Feb 21, 2016)
Kirby's Adventure is a gem in the NES library and it's clear that so much thought went into every little detail. It's a massive improvement to the already excellent Game Boy original and its sheer scale and beautiful, ever-changing level design make this an action-platformer you simply owe it to yourself to play.
100 (Jul 03, 2012)
As I was playing (quickly) through Kirby’s Adventure last night, I wondered if I would give this game a good score, simply because it was a Kirby game. After all, a strong argument can be made against the game’s lack of difficulty and brevity. I will say this: I don’t enjoy Kirby’s Adventure as much as I used to, but what does that mean? I don’t enjoy “Aladdin” as much as I did when I was seven years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great Disney movie. Both “Aladdin” and Kirby’s Adventure are well-crafted, enjoyable examples of art made for kids that adults can also enjoy. Who can argue with that?
WiiPixlBit (Aug 15, 2011)
It is a shame that this game was released far into the NES’ life. With the SNES already out, many people ignored the NES twilight releases, and as such they didn’t sell as well as they should. Thankfully, Kirby’s Adventure is readily available on the Wii VC for only 500 points. Kirby’s second game shouldn’t be ignored.
NESNES Times (May 28, 2007)
It's easy to see the programmers put a lot of effort and care into this game, as Kirby's Adventure ranks as one of the best NES games ever. Everything about this game is first class, from the graphics to the gameplay and everything in between. While many of the stages won't make you break a sweat, the addictivness, charm, replayabiliy, and overall greatness of this game will ensure you make many visits to Dream Land. Overall, a great entry in the series and another great last-gen NES title that you should definetly not pass up. This game is an NES gamer's dream.
NESRandom Access (2005)
So what else can I say about this game? Well, it clearly shows off the true abilities of that 8-bit machine to which it resides. It ranks high among the best-looking games that the system has ever had to offer, and it's also a very accessible game for all. I'm glad that I asked for this game for Christmas back in 1993. Thankfully, I still have a copy that I can pop in my NES at any time and play until my hands are blistered. Do I recommend this game? Hell yeah.
WiiIGN (Feb 20, 2007)
This NES version of Kirby's Adventure has never been re-released before. But the 2002 Game Boy Advance game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland did use this title's level design as a basis, basically remaking the NES Adventure with updated, GBA-level graphics and sound. You can't beat the original, though. Even if you own and have played through Nightmare in Dreamland, the Virtual Console Kirby's Adventure still comes highly recommended. It's Kirby in his purest, most fun form. Don't miss it.
NESNintendo Land (2003)
To start with, I'll have to admit that I love Kirby games. The first Kirby game I played was Kirby's Dreamland and it was cool enough! Next I played Kirby's Adventure and it was mind blowing! The ability to suck in a baddie and take over it's power was an incredible idea. That's why I'm happy to say this...
What could have been the best platform game on the NES is tarnished by ease of play. However Kirby is arguably the best character on the NES ever!
NESRetro Game Age (Oct 10, 2014)
In spite of the game’s ease of difficulty and slightly short length I have no hesitation in recommending Kirby’s Adventure to anyone that is a fan of the genre. This is easily one of the best NES games of all time.
Nintendo 3DSMag'64 (Apr 29, 2012)
Hach ja, herrlich: Wer ein auf der Suche nach einem „old-fashioned“ Jump’n’Run ist, welches auch heute noch zu begeistern weiß, ist bei „3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure“ an der richtigen Adresse. Das Spiel bietet schnörkellosen Hüpf-Spaß, der vor allem durch seinen sympathischen und überaus wandlungsfähigen Protagonisten, die liebevolle Inszenierung und den enormen Umfang zu überzeugen weiß. Der 3D-Effekt ist jedoch – obwohl im Titel enthalten – nicht der Rede wert, da er weder positiv noch negativ ins Gewicht fällt. Wer eine Affinität zu klassischen Jump’n’Runs hat, für den ist „3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure“ ohne Frage ein Pflichttitel.
NESGamesCollection (Sep 27, 2010)
Kirby's Adventures è un titolo molto giocabile che merita ancora oggi. Lo stile grafico è molto semplice, ma avvincente. Gli effetti sonori e le musiche sono ben fatte e orecchiabili. Non fatevi ingannare dalla semplicità di questo titolo, perché se lo giudicate per questo sappiate che vi perderete un incredibile platform. Io lo consiglio vivamente a tutti. Giocateci e non ve ne pentirete. Divertimento assicurato!
NESJust Games Retro (Aug 10, 2003)
First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes. Add a great big smile and presto, it's Kirby! Those are the detailed instructions at the beginning of Kirby's Adventure, the full color sequel to Kirby's Dreamland for the Gameboy, and they couldn't be more accurate. Simple you say? That's because Kirby is simplicity itself: a little pink creampuff eating things and kicking ass.
NESGame Freaks 365 (Nov 01, 2007)
I highly recommend you get this game, whether you get it for the NES or whether you decided to get the GBA remake of it. My opinion is that the NES version is just as, if not more, fun to play, and probably cheaper. It’s also a better game for its time, and a testament of what the NES was capable of.
NESQuebec Gamers (Dec 25, 2004)
Le dernier gros titre pour le NES. Le jeu est charmant, simple, et reprend un peu la recette des Mario afin de faire de Kirby une nouvelle mascotte pour Nintendo.
Nintendo 3DSNintendoWorldReport (Nov 22, 2011)
If you already own the NES version on Wii's Virtual Console, the visual additions may not justify the comparably large price, but Kirby fans are urged to check this out. If you loved the original game, get ready to love it all over again. All of the performance problems of the original game are gone and the surprisingly captivating 3D makeover stomps any other signs of aging firmly into the dirt. It was fun then, it's still fun now, and if this is a taste of what's to come in future 3D Classics titles then I'm greatly looking forward to them.
85 (Sep 08, 2010)
Kirby’s Adventure est le premier épisode à poser les bases de la série de manière aussi forte. Le concept est resté le même dans la plupart des jeux suivants, et on comprend pourquoi. Une jouabilité exemplaire, un héros au charisme improbable, on ne peut faire qu’une seule chose face à ce petit phénomène, jouer et rejouer encore. En 1992, Nintendo maîtrise le jeu de plates-formes et le démontre une nouvelle fois avec Kirby. Le jeu synthétise tous les bons côtés de la marque, en restant original et ingénieux. Il en oublie cependant un de taille : la difficulté, grande absente du titre.
85 (Sep 08, 2010)
Kirby’s Adventure est le premier épisode à poser les bases de la série de manière aussi forte. Le concept est resté le même dans la plupart des jeux suivants, et on comprend pourquoi. Une jouabilité exemplaire, un héros au charisme improbable, on ne peut faire qu’une seule chose face à ce petit phénomène, jouer et rejouer encore. En 1992, Nintendo maîtrise le jeu de plates-formes et le démontre une nouvelle fois avec Kirby. Le jeu synthétise tous les bons côtés de la marque, en restant original et ingénieux. Il en oublie cependant un de taille : la difficulté, grande absente du titre.
Can Nintendo pick winners or what? Kirby's Adventure is an absolute blast to play! Kirby's ability to acquire techniques from eaten enemies is fantastic! Perfect play control and many levels are the icing on the cake. The colors, though very pastel, seem a little drab, but don't let that turn you away from a really fun game.
NESPGNx Media (Jun 15, 2002)
Overall, this game is good. Very good, in fact, but it doesn't offer everything we would have hoped for. I wanted to see more challenge and I would have appreciated better replay value and control. But, I like this game a lot and I still play it fondly to this day on my old NES.
NESRetroGame Man (May 04, 2017)
Overall, Kirby is a fine example of an NES game that has stood the test of time. It has great gameplay, excellent graphics, and most importantly – it is still a lot of fun to play. The slowdown is the only issue that I really have with it beyond feeling slightly short (although that might just be because I like playing it so much).
WiiGameplay (Benelux) (Dec 23, 2011)
Kirby Adventure Wii is geen derde geniale Kirby voltreffer op rij, maar biedt de klassieke Kirby gameplay voorzien van een vergevingsgezinde moeilijkheidsgraad. Een aanrader voor nieuwkomers en fans.
WiiNintendo Life (Feb 13, 2007)
Kirby’s Adventure has aged really well; it is still as playable as the day it was released. For just 500 Wii points you could do a lot worse than to check this out for yourself, unless you have the patience to wait for Kirby Super Star on the SNES to hit the Virtual Console which is generally considered to be the best of the series.
NESTotal! (Germany) (May, 1994)
„Kirby's Adventure“ zeigt allen, die das NES schon am Ende sehen, daß es für Trauerkränze und Todesanzeigen noch etwas zu früh ist. Dieses Spiel ist ein echter Hit!
Nintendo 3DSIGN (Nov 18, 2011)
I just wish they'd taken this project all the way, instead of stopping with "good enough."
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Nov 18, 2011)
There's no questioning the quality of Kirby's Adventure: it was one of the NES's standout titles, and every ounce of its charm remains intact today. Hidden exits, fun minigames and fantastic stage design all come together to make this an endlessly replayable experience, but the 3D Classics upgrade doesn't really bring much to the table in addition. In fact, aside from portability, there's really nothing to recommend it over the Virtual Console release, and that's a shame.
80 (Mar 12, 2007)
HALs goldiges NES-Spätwerk ist ein klassischer Plattformer mit einer handvoll interessanter Twists. So kann der rosa Blob in seinem ersten und einzigen NES-Auftritt seine Gegner schlucken, um deren Fähigkeiten anzunehmen oder die schwere Kost als Projektil in Richtung anderer knuffiger Widersacher auszuspucken. Dank, für NES-Verhältnisse, ganz ausgezeichneter Grafik, Flugeinlagen und vieler Aha-Effekte erhalten Neulinge für 500 Wii-Punkte deutlich mehr als erwartet. Mit Sicherheit das modernste Spieldesign, dass die NES-Sektion zu bieten hat.
Overall, this is a great game for all of you NES-a-holics and retro gamers alike. Like mentioned above this game spawned a number of sequels. Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy, Kirby's Avalanche (a lousy Tetris knockoff) Kirby's Superstar, and my personal favorite, Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES. He even got a game on the N64 and made appearances in both Super Smash Bros. games. So there you have it. There's no reason not to buy this title.
NESPower Unlimited (Oct, 1994)
Kirby's Adventure is een van de betere games uit de laatste dagen van de NES. Er zijn vele mogelijkheden en dat in een stel enorm gevarieerde en lange levels. Voor de echte gamefreaks is het spel wel wat te makkelijk.
NESNintendojo (Oct 17, 2006)
Kirby is a fun game and a must own for any platform game enthusiast. Many people consider it to be the best Kirby game ever created. I think Kirby's Dream Land 2 is better, but that's just my opinion. This is a good game for showing off the awesome power of the NES.
70 (UK) (May 18, 2007)
With seven worlds, plus sundry bosses and bonus sections, it's not the biggest game in the world, but there does come a point where the experience flatlines and you suspect you've seen all the game has to offer. Despite this, Kirby's first and only NES outing is undeniably charming and, with its parallax scrolling and colourful characters, really showcases just how much juice developer's were squeezing from the tiny system towards the end of its life. If cute and quirky platforming tickles your biscuits, this is a fine way to spend 500 points.