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Knight Lore Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
Opening screen, with more colours than Spectrum or MSX
The room to the top-left of the start
The one to the bottom left - time your jumps wisely
Jump across the middle here
Watch the pattern
Moving platforms make things harder
Jump from a tiptoeing position

BBC Micro version

Title Screen
Press 'Space' to play
Starting the game in human form
Morphed to animal at night
Jumping on stone
The wall is blocking the way
Lethal obstacles on the way

MSX version

Key Select screen
Level 1

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
One of the many rooms
You change to a werewolf when the moons up
Choosing Controls.
Beginning a new game.
There's a trophy right upper there. Looks like the old Sabre Wulf Mambo Jambo stuff equivalent to a life.
Preparing to scare someone at the door's entrance.
Jumping over a fire. Two silly gargoyles are mocking the call of a walrus.
Four silly gargoyles are mocking with Sabreman's funny walking.
Break dance time (transforming into Sabreman).
This is how the Wulf enjoys his day off.
Sabreman is caged.
The silly gargoyles are dangerous after all. Summoned again.
I think Fantasia was a mark and transversal as an artistic influence. The cauldron gives you a holographic image of the missing object. But beware, do not come here as the Wulf!!!.
A Knight is patrolling this maze of spiked traps.
A ghost is being silly making acrobatics with a brick. It's his day off.
Sabreman and a jerky selfie. Me and the balloon.
There's the serious possibility of one of those hitting the Wulf's head.
A surprise awaits you at the center, bellow that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" brick.
Get over here boy!
This cluster of ethereal bubbles keeps pushing you against the walls.
Skewered Wulf.
Another voodoo statuette of life awaiting to be picked.
Da Wulf.
Sabreman playing seek and hide with himself.
The Wulf playing seek and hide with himself.
How do I get up there?
Dancing tables.
I wonder what's the income of this guy's salary...
Anther puzzle... How do I get up there? Am I repeating myself or what?
I think I understand the mystery of the grail now, but I had to watch a walkthrough video first I admit.
DJ Wulf playin': "Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)".
Don't let master Escher tricks you. Take a better look at the isometric illusion. I mean, this scenario played on a real Spectrum would be reason enough for flying computers.
I got it! See me mum!
I'll be strong enough, keep walkin'.
Do you think Knights of the Round had some of its inspiration on this game?
The first correct ingredient (object) was thrown at the cauldron. The recipe and the cure for Sabreman's curse of being transformed into a Werewulf! Five more follow.
The potion is complete.
Game over.