Knights of the Temple II Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen with main menu.

Windows version

Main menu
A Fire Golem
Crossbows can be aimed using the mouse for precision.
Experience points are added when an enemy dies.
Chests can contain health and ammo.
Ready to take on one of the level bosses.
Yes, this monster does have a hole in him, but it doesn't mean he's easy to take down!
Got any swordfish for me?
It's peaceful now, but not long ago this place was under attack.
Spooky island of worms
It's more fun to do quests for a pretty girl!
Have a flaming arrow! It's on me!
It would've been much more murky without the flaming sword.
Epimachus is a shady merchant.
A giant metal sea serpent wouldn't let me take a swim here.
Francesco de Lama is the captain of your ship.
I'll build a sand castle here and over there.
Something's wrong with this bridge.
Semi-organic cave
A deserted camp with signs of slaughter
The size of my hammer says it all.
An epic encounter begins.
An alchemist.. glad to meet you!
At the haunted ship graveyard
I fight pirates and bandits everywhere.
This merchant has a vital quest item.
Eat more, you're all skin and bones!
Swords fight
You can't escape... :D
one enemy less... time to next.
-Wanna some stuff? I have... -die, bastard!
2 against me? No problem.
Good slash.
Running with equipment.
Slash (in the neck)
Time to relax
Very nice...