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Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Unlike the other versions of this game, the locked areas are in white here
One of the houses in World 2
Armor protects you from the flame of the Cracker weapon
World 3, there are 3 fairies you need to save to complete the game
The ghost enemy is grey in this version
In each world you need to find 3 password items then the exit is revealed
World 4, found the crown, without it the witch doesn't appear in the last stage
You're welcome, fairy!
Spark flash is the only weapon that can kill these Black Knights
Use the scroll item (time returns to 30000) in this stage otherwise you won't be able to take the necklace and make it to the exit in time
Though the layout is the same, last stage looks a little different in this version

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
World 1, you can tackle the 10 stages at any order
Start of the game, shooting a fireball
Big key and the Exit door. Unlike the first game where picking up the big key revealed the exit, here you still have to find the exit door in most of the stages
Found a Lamp, this item reveals what's behind the closed areas
Used the lamp item, it's single-use only and will disappear when you reach World 2, so use it while you can
World 2, rescued a fairy
In each world you must find 3 of these passwords or else you cannot advance, btw on the left there is armor, you might want to grab that as well
New enemies for World 2 are these red guys that shoot fireballs
World 3, "save fairies!" yeah, got it. New enemies here are the blue witches who teleport all over the stage
Found a Crystal Rod, you cannot complete the game without it
World 4, red witches and ghosts
Saved the second fairy
Another new enemy type here is the red eye, they can be killed with the Thunder Sword
Need to save the third fairy, however first lure the eye things down the ladder as the Thunder Sword goes through multiple enemies and will also kill the fairy if you throw it there
On to World 5
New enemies in World 5 are these black knights, they can only be killed with the Spark Flash
If you've played the first game (Demon Crystal), the layout of this stage will look familiar, that's right - it's House 30
If you didn't pick up the Crystal Rod earlier and use it here on a fairy you won't be able to get Balance
Hope you still have some Spark Flash left, otherwise you won't be able to kill that black knight and get the password
Final stage, wait for the green witch to teleport somewhere near you and kill her, then use Balance

Official Screenshots

  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot
  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot
  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot
  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot
  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot
  • Knither: Demon Crystal II Screenshot