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KnockOut! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen.
Let's become champion.
Punch to the head.

ZX Spectrum version

I think the resemblances between Balboa's franchise and this game are merely coincidental.
(I sense something within this introductory music, a "presence I've not felt since...")
(A kid is frantically pressing the punch key and cursing the screen. This illustration expresses the hypothetical emotional state a player gets while playing this game.)
...(just grawlixes)... like this: "@#$%&!"
(a few moments after the sounds of punching a keyboard + glass crashing + the neighbour asking if everything's alright emerge outlining what the player was feeling deep within his soul)
(the degree of anxiety was so astonishing intense that the player starts to shred a pillow with his teeth speaking in a foul language resembling the one from "The Exorcist")
(after the kid rotated his head 360ยบ he begun to burn all of his Spectrum tapes and magazines, making fingers to an imaginary demon on the screen)
(slow motion + Eye of the Tiger) (PAUSE)
(Man... do you remember Rocky days when the audience stood up in the cinema, clapping with tears when he started to fight back?)
(I had the privilege to see that. Really.)
- Not enough patience to fight another round.
- You wish!
- Almost there... almost there...
(Knockout means the player has to rewind the tape, play it again and insert the code properly with 0% tolerance to mistakes. Of course the monitor has flown through the window.)
(A match against Nosferatu. The other player also has anaemia... for sure. Spinaches is good.)
...Yeah! I go and visit your mum once in a while...
(Then he drops his mouth guard. It's a psychological tactic to breakdown the opponent, inspired by Bryan Cranston)
(Matrixz punching. It sounds like: Kabooooshhhh, with echo effects.)
- Stop it... STOP IT!! (player has tickles).
(twilight zone moment: this is an area of imagination where you wonder how many keyboards, monitors, were thrown to the trash bin during the playing of this game... think about that...)