Advertising Blurbs

Back of Cassette case - UK (ZX Spectrum):

    You are a wanted man.
    You have busted out of the lobotomy labs, screwed up the Central Computer
    and now you have to run the gauntlet of the Android Guards.
    The Press said
    "All action, great graphics,excellent sound" - C&VG
    "A game of swift, slick, streetfighting action." - CCI
    "An arcade kick-punch extravaganza." - Your Computer
    Need we say more!

    Contributed by piltdown_man (152108) on Aug 23, 2010.

Back of inlay UK (C64):
    "You're a wanted man."

    You've busted out of the lobotomy labs, screwed up the Central Computer, and now you've got to run the gauntlet of android guards who patrol the slum jungles of the city.

    The action is fast, very fast. And yet somehow you've got to grab some breathing space to ransack the city zones for food and keys, and work out all the nasty logical problems which lie between you and freedom.

    Driving you on is the relentless beat of Rob Hubbard's musical score over 17 mintues of atmospheric, pounding, unrepeating music.

    The question is, can you hold off the androids that long?...

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66869) on Mar 27, 2005.