Komando II Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Overview of the 1st territory
Territory 1 - every bound prisoner could be freed by touch
Territory 1 - there is a long track but no train within sight
Territory 2 - right watchtower is occupied by grenade thrower
Territory 2 - fighting my way through a line of light trucks
Territory 2 - just shot one of the countless enemy soldiers
Territory 3 - luckily this tank is no threat because it is empty
Territory 3 - somebody is throwing grenade from that house
Territory 4 - watch out for three heavily guarded bunkers
Territory 4 - currently armed with machine gun and bazooka
Territory 4 - rendezvous with six enemy shooters in car park
Territory 5 - loosing a life after precise hit by flame thrower
Territory 5 - located in a zone full of military installments
Territory 6 - trying to avoid a sniper hidden in the shelter
Territory 6 - poor prisoners hold near a group of hangars
Territory 7 - looks like perfect place for unexpected ambush
Territory 7 - these red buildings can fire deadly projectiles
Territory 7 - just disabled pair of enemies with last grenade
Territory 8 - going straight forward with no time to stop
Territory 8 - finally found a helicopter that will take me home