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Kong Strikes Back! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Lets rescue the girl
Using a ladder to avoid the cars
Thrown a bomb on the next level
Level three

Commodore 64 version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Lets rescue the girl
Avoid the obstacles
So close but so far
There's the giant ape

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Lets get the girl
Collect the heart
Redefining keys.
Starting the game.
Level 1: Saving the damsel.
Level 3: Starting point.
Level 4: Starting point.
Kong finally is shown himself fully.
Level 5: Throwing a bomb.
The game has 4 cycles of 4 screens. What varies are the collectible objects and the increasingly number of dangers.
Level 6: Starting point.
A new danger.
Level 7: Climbing the rails of the roller coaster.
Level 8: Escaping by a dirty nail.
Level 9: Speedy cars.
Fast and furious cars thrown by Kong.
Level 10: I presume these items are representing photographic cameras.
Level 11: Reaching the damsel.
Level 12: I think Kong is using this approach because he's trying to establish some kind of bond with us... I believe he is being misunderstood.
Level 13: Why the heck do I have to collect some underpants?
Level 14: Bonus.
Level 15: Ueee!
Level 16: Finally embracing the lonely damsel!