Kreed: Battle for Savitar Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu with English translation patch applied
A menacing Tiglaary warrior
A robot sentry at the prison
The unfortunate subject of some deranged experiments
Inside the Tiglaary base
Finally, some backup!
Big, fat pipes. Where would we be without them?
Something is always broken in the future.
Unbroken glass. I should mention that glass shatters quite nicely in this game.
I'm an escaped prisoner. He's a guard. We understand our roles perfectly.
What a cute little monster! I name you... Pikachu!
The invaders swarm upon our once peaceful science facility.
A lot of blood and one man left standing...
Not for long!
There are lots of these guys, but they're fun to fight.
The mines
Tiglaary close up
A robot takes a moment to reload his gun...
BOOM! Sorry!
Looking down on one of the rooms in the mining complex
Sniper scope
Ah! This room looks important.
Shootout in the transport tunnels
Somewhere in the maintenance section
That is one hideous looking toilet! Seriously, who would sit on that?
Technicians hiding out in the bunker
A creepily staring corpse
This guy is so absorbed in his work! He has no idea I'm sneaking up behind him with a post-it note marked 'I SMELL'
The force shield above the mining facility. Keeps the vacuum of space out and people and animals in.
More fighting in the Tiglaary base
My rootin', tootin', rocket-launcher-totin' son-of-a-gun, moustachioed starship-troopering buddy
A nuclear reactor. And a curious assortment of body parts.
Here they come!
Robot vs. fire-breathing monster. Both explode violently when shot. Should be fun to watch.