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You won’t be needing that triple-barrel shotgun anymore...
So, a dinner by candlelight is definitely out of the question then?
I wonder where that guy got hold of hot n’ spicy chicken in this corner of the galaxy.
That’s it - run into the flame, don’t be shy now.
This guy must have missed his ration of Vodka this morning.
A room with light *and* color! This is quite rare on the Tokugava Battleship (the game's second area)
Cutscene - You've found some friends
Cutscene - Moments later, everyone gets slaughtered by aliens! Darn it!
The meat grinder... A charming sight
Nice steam!
Fight with a Tiglaary warrior
A good sniping position, if anyone was around
Tight spaceship corridor or world's most depressing pet store? You decide.
The 'Scorpion Tank' is a kind of vehicle you can use in the Tiglaary complex
Sunset on Burg
Temple of Doom?
Burut CT indulge in a little self-referential humor in this diary entry
Lava-filled cathedral
I've just met pretty much the only non-male, non-psychotic person in the game and what does she do? Stands silently and swivels her waist like a G.I. Joe.
Ah! That must be the janitor! Perhaps he can turn the lights on for me?
There are some amazingly pretty rooms in this game, particularly when you're playing it and can see all the subtle lighting effects
Down in the tunnels, there's a war going on between the semi-humans and the definitely-not-in-the-slightest-bit-humans
Ai! Ai! Cthulhu F'taghn!
Death and destruction
Using a control console
Battle between Jikreed faithful and the "Soulless Ones", outside the mysterious ancient spacecraft
A chilling view
Hey buddy, wake up! Don't you know there are monsters in these tunnels! Buddy?
Inside the mysterious alien craft
A room containing a rotating 3D map. Pity there's no automap in this game...
'Grendel,' the most powerful weapon in your arsenal
Rocket vs. rocket
Cathedral at night
Hey there!
As the game nears its end, I have an urgent desire for lime jell-o.