Advertising Blurbs

Box Back:
    Good morning. Something’s come up. Or rather, something illegal’s just come in. From Hong Kong.

    Yes, it’s that synthetic drug Samadhi again. And unless you can break up the drug ring, half of Los Angeles will soon be under its pernicious influence.

    Your mission: stake out the Pacific Shipping Company and gather enough evidence to make the bust. We’re assigning one of our most promising rookies to be your inside man. You’ll direct his every move from two video screens mounted inside the highest of high-tech surveillance vans.

    Ask him to plant bugs? Search the warehouse? Interview a character? Or maybe just rough up the thugs a bit? It’s all up to you.

    But remember: this rookie has a mind of his own, and learns from his past experience. He can refuse or quit at any time. Just one false arrest charge or one spooked informer, and you’ll be working this warehouse by yourself.

    No wonder they call this mission impossible.
    You’ll need to draw on every strategy brain cell available. What with receipts, schedules, tapes, memos and computer disks to sort through. Bugs and bombs around each corner. Dangerous thugs and slick international heavies. And a myriad of locations and events.

    Would you expect any less challenge from the third game of The Masters Collection?

    We thought not. Oh – there is one easy part about all this. You won’t have to type. The choices are all on screen.

    So lieutenant. Feeling up to a bit of a challenge? Are you in, then? Good. Now begin by searching the contents of this box.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Nov 10, 2002.