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La Espada Sagrada Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Phase 1
Starting location of phase 1
Avoid the scorpion
Watch out for the spears and those plants. They all hurt.
Climbing the rope
I got the bow. Firing an arrow.
The evil plant killed me.
You could not fulfill your mission. Try again.

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Start of Phase 1
You should avoid this scorpio...
You are dead this time...
Men-eating plant is here...
Adjusting the keys...
Start of Phase 2...
You are ready to shoot the bat...
Getting away the boulder at the start of Phase 3
Enemy is throwing the rock at you...Beware to shoot him with a fire!!!
Start of the game, default CGA palette
Start of the game with the second available CGA palette

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Fase 1: Pulsa disparo para comenzar (Phase 1: Press fire to begin)
Starting location
He doesn't look cuddly.
Oh! Sharp pointies.
I guess I need to climb this rope.
Now that looks evil.
I lost a life.
I can climb over them.
I lost all my lives. I could not fulfil my mission.
Fase 3: Pulsa disparo (Phase 3: Press fire)
Starting out.
An enemy.
I killed them.
A rolling stone.
I lost all my lives. Try again.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. Before this is the usual Topo company screen and after this are the game credits
The game menu. Here the game is being played with a joystick. Playing with keyboard does not offer any action key redefinition option
The game starts here. The water bottle on the bottom left is filling up. Its a health indicator, if the character takes damage they can come back here to have their health restored
Graphically there is a lot of overspill from the character to the surroundings
Moving to the right - this bridge must be crossed. Mis-timing the jump costs a life
This may look like a good jump but the character ends up in the water and dead. This jump is so hard that all lives were lost while attempting it, and this is just screen 2!
Moving left and there are more familiar beasties to avoid
One screen further left. This must be crossed with a series of well timed jumps because the groups of spears will take a life, and the pointy green grass causes damage
Damaged by the grass and about to hit the second group of spears. Helpfully the game restarts at the right of the same screen
Game over. The game does not need to be re-loaded in order to restart