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La Moto Infernale: Scarfinger  Philips VG 5000 Loading screen


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Located on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea is the fortress of the nefarious Andreas "Scarfinger" Skarfos, who has in his possession missiles with nuclear warheads. He is threatening to use these missiles unless his demands are met. While the fortress is impervious from outside attack, it does have a vulnerability. There is a tunnel which leads under the island to the reactor which is being using for power. If someone could enter the tunnel and destroy the reactor, Scarfinger's plans would be ruined, So now, it's up to the player, who takes on the role of a special agent, to put a stop to this. To complete this mission, the intelligence agency is supplying a Spycycle, which is a multipurpose vehicle which can be used as a motorcycle on land, a speedboat on water, and a minisub while underwater.

The gameplay in La Moto Infernale: Scarfinger is divided into three parts. The first part involves players driving a motorcycle along a roadway in order to reach the island. The player has a limited amount of time to complete this task, so they must kick their motorcycle up from the slow first gear all the way up to the blazing fast fifth gear of speed. However, the player may occasionally have to slow down to avoid the barrels and mines clogging up the road. Players also have to be careful not getting to close to either side of the road or risk careening into the mountainside or falling off the road into the water below. Also located on the road are ammo icons which the player should try their best to collect to increase their missile supply.

The second part involves crossing the sea on the speedboat form of the Spycycle to get to the tunnel entrance. Players will have to dodge mines and mechanical sharks. Also, oil slicks from previously sunken tankers can give the boat engine troubles too. The boat is equipped with a laser rifle and a torpedo launcher to help the player get through this part of the mission. Also, the player will need to collect antimatter bolts from pods which are being dropped from planes. These bolts will be used for destroying the reactor.

The third part involves entering the tunnel in minisub form. Players will have to dodge neutron bolts being emitted from the reactor and also avoid getting damaged by the shooting gun turrets mounted on the tunnel walls. Finally, when the player reaches the reactor after getting by a gate, they must destroy the core of the reactor.

Contributed by Alaka (80537) on Apr 18, 2014. [revised by : Alaka (80537)].