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PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Aug 06, 2004)
Over the last few months it's been the standard operating procedure of almost every video game writer to heap lavish amounts of praise on Mastiff and Nippon Ichi's tactical RPG La Pucelle: Tactics. I won't waste any of your time by telling you that's exactly what I plan on doing as well. La Pucelle is amazing and is without question my game of the year as of August 6, 2004.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games (May 11, 2004)
Until recently, it wasn’t often that we saw women play the role of protagonist in our video games. And the few times they were cast as heroines, they were voluptuous beauties only appreciated because of their looks. Though they still kicked ass, they were still sold for their ass. However, a recent rash of games from across the Pacific has put females into the lead role with fantastic results. The latest game to ride this trend is Nippon Ichi's La Pucelle: Tactics, a turn-based strategy RPG fusing anime style and a sarcastic lead character. While I’m not an expert on this genre, I can tell you with sincerity that this is a fantastic game.
PlayStation 2GameZone (May 13, 2004)
Every so often a genre of games does what I like to call: “the submarine.” What I mean by this is that this particular genre is very popular for a while, than for the next few months/years, you can’t find that sort of game anywhere, then all of the sudden you will find it everywhere again. The genre I am referring to in this instance is Turn-Based Strategy RPG’s, and they are beginning to pick up steam once more. These are fun games, that can last an extremely long time, and have really good replay value, and normally (if the game is really good) it retains a high trade in value, Final Fantasy Tactics (before it became a Greatest Hits title) anyone?
PlayStation 2IGN (May 07, 2004)
It's no secret that Nippon Ichi's Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was one of our favorite games last year, and as it turns out, it was one of our readers' preferred titles as well. A nominee in several of our 2003 Game of the Year categories, Disgaea not only walked away with several critical and consumer accolades before all was said and done, it also managed to bring some heavy attention to a quirky sect of small but ambitious titles. Magic Pengel, Culdcept, and Warship Gunner all took great strides in bringing levity and originality to a season rife with sequels and rehashes, but none of them captured our imaginations as successfully as Laharl's quest through the sarcastic underworld of the Marl Kingdom.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2004)
This is a good introduction to the game as any, and an absolute delight to any fan of tactical RPGs.
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (May 28, 2004)
Nippon Icchi software has slowly begun its invasion on American soil. This isn’t a war; rather, they are making a small cult out of us gamers thanks to the popular title Disgaea, a game that was nominated for Game of the Year by several prestigious gaming magazines. Due to the success of this title, Nippon is bringing out the sequel, Phantom Brave, later this year. But before this release they are marketing their newest yet older release, La Pucelle: Tactics. What I mean by “newest yet older” is that this game is the prequel to Disgaea, meaning this was produced and distributed in Japan long before Disgaea reached the States.
PlayStation 2MAN!AC (Apr 29, 2005)
Ganz schön mutig: Nintendo und Capcom haben es auf dem GBA vorgemacht, jetzt trauen sich auch die ersten PS2-Taktikspiele nach Europa. Spielkonzept und Unterhaltungswert sind in "La Pucelle" ebenso klasse wie bei den Kollegen, es stellt sich jedoch die Frage: Braucht Ihr wirklich noch einen dritten Taktik-Schinken? Grafisch bietet das Abenteuer kaum Abwechslung, dank der vielen Detailverbesserungen unterscheiden sich die Kämpfe aber strategisch deutlich von der Konkurrenz. Neben den Kraftfeldern entdeckt Ihr nämlich einige neue Elemente: Schulter an Schulter geben sich Monster wie Helden Deckung, schon beim Vormarsch wählt deshalb völlig neue Formationen. Weil Ihr nicht alle Missionen spielen müsst, könnt Ihr zudem den Schwierigkeitsgrad variieren.
PlayStation (Oct, 2008)
While I doubt this game is good enough to turn doubters into believers (Final Fantasy IV already took that spot and doesn't look ready to leave), you'll be a born-again strategist just a few chapters into the game. This game is awesome and worth losing every fabric of your sexuality in Mexico.
PlayStation 2Legendra (Jul 17, 2007)
Difficile de parler de La Pucelle: Tactics sans faire référence sans cesse aux épisodes suivants, au prix d’une comparaison dont on pourrait préjuger qu’elle soit à son désavantage. Il n’en est rien. Bien sûr, en tant que premier essai, certains points (comme la durée de vie) sont revus à la hausse par la suite. Mais La Pucelle possède des qualités propres: un scénario réussi et des personnages tout à fait attachants en sont les principaux exemples. Et si le système de combat peut paraître en premier lieu assez raide, c’est sans compter les portes (paradoxalement) qu’ouvre la commande purifier. Moins délirant que Disgaea, aussi émouvant que Phantom Brave, on ne reprochera finalement à La Pucelle que le faible niveau de sa réalisation technique, qui ne nuit pourtant en aucun cas à l’excellente qualité générale du soft. Partez donc à la rencontre d’Angélique!
PlayStation (Jul 07, 2004)
La Pucelle: Tactics serves a great storyline with some humor added along. If you like strategy games in general then this game is for you, but if you judge games based on 3D graphics, then steer clear unless you’re willing to give this 2D strategy rpg a chance. Overall, the game is absolutely great, fans of strategy RPGs should go out and buy La Pucelle: Tactics… And that’s the final verdict.
PlayStation 2UOL Jogos (Jun 23, 2004)
"La Pucelle Tactics" provavelmente vai irritar jogadores que exigem tecnologia de ponta, dinamismo e gráficos de última geração, mas os fãs de estratégia e desenhos japoneses ganham um excelente aperitivo para esperar a chegada de "Phantom Brave" às lojas.
PlayStation 2PSM (Jul, 2004)
Though it is deceptively simple in some aspects, Pucelle packs in plenty for the more hardcore gamer to do. Added bonuses, like optional trips to the Dark World to battle tough monsters and nab special, rare items, as well as training those monsters already in your party through a set of off-the-wall-instructions, round out the gameplay package very nicely, indeed. But Pucelle's rather excellent localization brings the game world to hyper-kinetic, over-the-top life and that, (coupled with many, many gameplay hours), is more than enough to entice RPG fans into Pucelle's worthy fold.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2004)
With that said, La Pucelle is an engrossing play that has the potential to kidnap you from family and friends for many a week. Its balanced strategic gameplay is only matched by its tremendous challenge. If you can look beyond its dated visuals, this little maiden might be just the girl for you.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (May 17, 2004)
Japanese developer Nippon Ichi seems to have no qualms in borrowing huge portions of gameplay from their Square Soft contemporaries as La Pucelle is chock full of remarkable ?similarities? that seem to have been plucked straight out of both Final Fantasy Tactics games. However, you?d be dead wrong to dismiss this game as a rip-off or a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics as great care has obviously been taken in extracting only the best elements of that series and combining them with a refreshingly intricate and customizable magic system.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (May 21, 2004)
Atlus' Disgaea was one of the surprise hits of 2003 -- while the game didn't break any sales records or anything, it came out of nowhere to widespread praise from critics and consumers alike. With the U.S. hardcore market finally getting its due, it's not at all surprising that newcomer Mastiff Games picked up another tactics title by Nippon Ichi, Disgaea's developer. La Pucelle: Tactics may not be particularly great to look at, but the gameplay is sure to please fans of the tactics genre.
PlayStation (Mar 25, 2005)
La Pucelle : Tactics est, malgré son grand âge, un excellent titre tant dans son système de jeu que dans ses péripéties. Cependant le scénario est moins attachant que celui de Disgaea ou Phantom Brave et on note quelques problèmes concernant la lisibilité de la carte 3D ou les réactions des ennemis. De plus, il est un peu agaçant de constater à quel point la difficulté est élevée et ce dès le début du jeu. Malgré ces bémols, La Pucelle reste un incontournable du RPG tactique, qui malgré une absence de localisation, vous retiendra à votre console contre vents et marées.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (May, 2004)
Tactical strategy RPGs are fairly rare these days, making the release of La Pucelle: Tactics from little-known publisher Mastiff pretty notable. And despite looking older than just about any other game for the PS2, this overtly Japanese take does throw some new ideas into the mix.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (May 07, 2004)
It's not the best way for newcomers to get acquainted with this style of gaming, but fans of anime and other strategy RPGs are naturally going to like La Pucelle: Tactics.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Jun 01, 2004)
Let's be honest. The only reason why most people are interested in this game is because it is made by the same people who made DISGAEA ,(i.e. NIPPON ICHI SOFTWARE). If the people who bought and played this game continue to be honest, they'd have to admit that LaPucelle Tactics is quite lacking in quality when compared to Disgaea. But even without that comparison, LaPucelle can't stand up as a seriously good turn-based strategy game.