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Coleco has successfully combined great graphics and adorable music in this near-perfect adaptation of the arcade game. The color is rich and brilliant right down to the details of the vegetables. As for the music, I am anxiously awaiting the release of the album. The excitement is constant and the fun never-ending. I have spent many of my waking hours in the pursuit of happiness with my vegetable-eating lady bug. I now leave you with a little expression my mother used repeatedly at the dinner table when I was growing up: "Eat your vegetables. There are lady bugs starving in China." I guess she must have known something then.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (May 22, 2017)
Colour me impressed by this absolutely wonderful homebrew port of the classic coin-op Lady Bug. Originally set to be released by Coleco way back in the day, it wasn’t until 2006 that homebrew programmer John W. Champeau delivered this version of the maze game. And considering the hit-and-miss nature of Coleco’s titles for the 2600, in my opinion it was well worth the wait for this quality port.
ColecoVisionTeleMatch (Jul, 1983)
Käme es zum direkten Vergleich zwischen Lady Bug, denn flotten Käfer dieses neuen Systems, und „Pac-Man“, dem derzeitigen ATARI-VCS-Aushängeschild, so würde Lady Bug wohl siegreich sein, ist der Käfer doch bei überlegter Steuerung trickreicher und verschlagener als die gelbe Pampelmuse. Ihm stehen aber auch Möglichkeiten offen, die ein variantenreicheres Austoben auf der Mattscheibe erleichtern.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Jan 20, 2007)
A nice harmonized soundtrack compliments the action, and there are three skill levels. Easy to play but surprisingly deep, Ladybug is a shiny new gem in the Atari 2600 library.
Atari 2600ReVival (Oct, 2009)
Lady Bug is the archetype of the easy to play game, but with a real game depth. Its achievement and interest put it at the pantheon of the best VCS 2600 games and best homebrews, such as Strat-O-Gems (tested in Revival #35).
ColecoVisionAll Game Guide (1998)
About as perfect as a port for an 8-bit system can get, Lady Bug is based on the 1981 Universal arcade game. The enemies do blink excessively as they scurry around the maze, but the game is otherwise flawless. Controls are tight, graphics are spot-on, and spelling the word "SPECIAL" gives your Lady Bug the fun of feasting in the vegetable garden. Along with Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man, Lady Bug is one of the best maze games available for the home.
Atari 2600Retrogaming History (Nov 08, 2010)
Proprio così! Il VCS batte il ColecoVision! La grafica è veramente OTTIMA, SUPERdettagliata e fluidissima, con pochissimi fenomeni di “blinking”! Il sonoro è a dir poco IDENTICO al coin-op! Tutti gli effetti e le musichette sembrano essere stati COPIATI e INCOLLATI dai chip della PCB arcade al “povero” ma onestissimo processore “factotum” TIA del VCS!!! La giocabilità, poi, è eccelsa (valutazione ovviamente sempre riferita ad una struttura “limitata” che è caratteristica di un gioco di labirinti in stile primi anni ’80). Si possono anche utilizzare alcune delle tecniche di gioco tipiche del coin-op, perchè i pattern di movimento dei nemici sembrano anch’essi presi pari pari dal gioco da sala. Una piacevolissima sensazione, perciò, per tutti coloro che avevano gettato tonnellate di 100/200£ nel raccoglitore di monete del cabinato di Lady Bug... ed un gran bel gioco per tutti gli altri.Un altro MUST-HAVE per tutti i possessori di VCS/2600!!!
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Mar 17, 2008)
Control is excellent and smooth. There's no delay as you zip around the maze. The gameplay is also a perfect clone of the arcade. You can push the doors around just as easily as before. One can only speculate how good the Coleco version of this game would have been if released. After their past 2600 failures, it's hard to imagine it would have been 1/2 as good as this effort. If you liked Lady Bug in the arcades and want to bring that experience home, you won't do better than this.
Atari 2600neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Eine solide und gut angepasste Umsetzung des damals erfolgreichen Automatenspiels. Es wurde selbst an die Extralevels gedacht und so bleibt der Charme des ursprünglichen Spiels erhalten. Hardwarebedingt musste die Grafik gegenüber den Konkurrenten ColecoVision und Intellivision ein paar Federn lassen und ist auch nicht ganz flimmerfrei, doch das Game macht noch genauso viel Spaß wie früher und das ist doch die Hauptsache oder?
ColecoVisionDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
Amazingly, the standard ColecoVision controller does not interfere much with gameplay and responds fairly well. (depending on your sticks, your results may vary) Perhaps I am a little biased when it comes to Pac-Man style games, but I enjoy them and I'm very sure you will enjoy Ladybug. I strongly suggest you find this game for your own collection or play it on an emulator. You will NOT be sorry.
IntellivisionneXGam (Jul 27, 2012)
Zusätzlich sind einige Boni auf der Karte verstreut. Beispielsweise Buchstaben, die man aufsammeln sollte. Wenn man nun das Wort EXTRA buchstabiert bekommt man ein Extraleben beschert. Vorsichtig sollte man aber vor dem Totenkopf sein, bei dem man sofort ein Leben verliert, genauso wenn man in die Fänge der Gegner gerät. Spielerisch begeistert Lady Bug zwar, doch die Technik bleibt den Erwartungen weit zurück. Die Grafik ist sehr entstellt und den Totenkopf erkennt man schon gar nicht mehr als solchen. Da wäre sicher mehr herauszuholen gewesen. Man munkelte aber damals auch, dass Coleco die Umsetzungen von deren Spielen extra grafisch etwas schlechter machten um den Fortschritt des eigenen Konsolensystems, dem Colecovision, aufzuzeigen. Wer weiß, wer weiß.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic (Mar 06, 2002)
It would be tempting to write off this game as just another Pac-Man clone, but Ladybug has its charm. It's a likeable little maze game with some interesting features. You control a ladybug being pursued around a maze by nasty, evil bugs. The maze and dots look pretty standard, except for the fact that there are turnstiles all over the place that let you dynamically change the layout. These allow you to cut off your enemies and sometimes even isolate them in enclosed spaces. Unlike most maze games, there's no way to turn the tables on your enemies -- you're always on the run. Adding some variety are scattered bonuses and letters you can collect to earn a free bug. There's nothing fancy about the graphics, but the background music is pleasant enough. I found the control to be a bit stiff. I sometimes got caught up on the walls, and my hand started to ache after a while. But other than that, Ladybug is just good clean fun.
IntellivisionElectronic Fun with Computers & Games (Nov, 1983)
At last Intellivision owners can have the pleasure of meeting one of the greatest dames of games: that insatiable yet demure Lady Bug. They'll learn what arcaders and ColecoVision owners have known for a long time: Lady Bug is a game with bite! Unfortunately, in this version, a few teeth are missing.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Hard core maze fans will find Lady Bug addictive and challenging, especially in later levels when the enemies move incredibly fast.
IntellivisionTeleMatch (Jan, 1984)
Im Gegensatz zum Originalspiel fehlt die Jagd nach weiteren Buchstaben, die das Wort S-P-E-C-I-A-L mit zusätzlichen Möglichkeiten ergeben, dennoch darf man mit dem hier Gebotenen zufrieden sein. Ein Spieler, der ein ganz bestimmtes System besitzt, hat ohnehin nicht viel davon, wenn er zu häufig auf die Spiele anderer Systeme schaut. Erwarten darf er allerdings, daß ihm nichts vorgetäuscht von Herstellerseite wird und daß man sich Mühe gibt, wenn man Erfolgsspiele für andere Systeme kopiert und dafür größtenteils genausoviel Geld verlangt. Mit Lady Bug wird man nicht irregeführt, sieht man davon ab, daß grafisch noch einige Wünsche nicht erfüllt worden sind.
IntellivisionAll Game Guide (1998)
Based on the under-appreciated arcade maze game, Lady Bug for the Intellivision is missing a key component of its coin-op counterpart. The letters for SPECIAL are gone, meaning there is no chance at playing the vegetable garden bonus round. This will bug fans of the original, but Lady Bug is an otherwise solid port with surprisingly responsive controls.
Atari 2600Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
And so, with moist eyes I give one of my favorite ColecoVision ports a big thumbs down for the Atari 2600. Don’t worry that the game has been forgotten over the years. I think it was intentional.