Lady Bug Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Level is almost clean
Next level has another bugs type
Game Over

Atari 2600 version

Splash Screen
Title Screen
Introduction to Part 1
Eat the dots and special items.
Got a heart for 100 points.
Enemy bugs come out from the center, one at a time.
Get big points by collecting multipliers
The lady bug died - the wings and halo float away.

ColecoVision version

Title screen
Game options
Good luck! (getting ready to start)
A game in progress
Munching on X's...
Collect bonuses, but watch out for the critters!
Game over

Intellivision version

Title screen
Getting ready for the next round...
A game in progress
Munching on X's...
Hiding from the wandering enemies...
Game over