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Advertising Blurbs
    As the story begins, the battle which has been ominously brewing between King Richard and Scotia has resulted in the poisoning of the King. Scotia, an agent of the Dark Army, is a vile old hag who has recently acquired the Nether Mask and can now assume the shape of any living creature... or horribly unreal beast.

    YOU have been recruited to travel the lands in search of the elixir that will save King Richard, while simultaneously learning as much as possible about the Nether Mask in the hopes of defeating Scotia.

    Like traditional Role Playing Games, this rousing epic allows gamers to assume the identity of one of four characters of varying races and sexes. Unlike traditional RPGs, LANDS OF LORE places more emphasis on adventure and less on the complexities of character and party selection. All NPC's, for example, join the player's party without the gamer having to manually decide. Also, there are no irrevocable choices made at the beginning of the adventure that lock players into a certain character type.

    LANDS OF LORE's unique experience-driven character development enables players to have greater control over their own destiny. Warriors become warriors by engaging in combat, while magicians become power sorcerers by casting spells. These modifications allow gamers to spend more time exploring the LANDS OF LORE and less time making such mundane descisions as what color pants their characters should wear.

    Undoubtedly, LANDS OF LORE is one of the most beautiful and deadly interactive games Westwood has ever constructed. Fifty-one hand-crafted monsters, thirty five levels, and over twenty megabytes of compressed art and special effects make this a completely whole experience for the player.

    And, with Patrick Stewart as the voice of King Richard, LANDS OF LORE has a royal advantage over other fantasy games: An actor of real authority at the head of a huge cast of heroes and villains who speak, rant and roar their way through the most vocally interactive role-playing adventure yet devised (A mammoth 130 MB of digital speech makes it possible).

    A French and German text option (CD-ROM only), compass and auto-mapper are also included to aid gamers as they search ancient keeps, living forests and haunted caves.

    For the 3.5" diskette version, over 1 megabyte of digitized speech and sound effects make combat and exploration an exciting adventure with a Sound Blaster compatible sound card.

    Contributed by 6⅞ of Nine (1360) on Dec 07, 2009.

Back Cover - White Label Release (English):
    A Legend has been born.... Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos is a fantasy role playing adventure like no other. Scotia, the hideous hag wants it all... WORLD! Can she be stopped? The truth stone must be found before her evil can be defeated. The sheer scale, superb art animation and incredible special effects will transport you through over thirty unique areas. As one of the seven characters that you can choose from, you will face over fifty intelligent and believable monsters in mortal combat. Fantasy and reality become one in lands where the only law is survival. Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos from Westwood Studios - the talent behind Eye of the Beholder I and II.

    Contributed by jsparky (703) on Dec 22, 2007.

Back Cover - White Label Release (French/German):

    L'animation graphique superbe et les effects spéciaux incroyables de Lands of Lore vous transporteront dans plus de trente territoires différents. Une légende vient de naître: The Throne of Chaos est une aventure de jeux de rôle délirante qui ne ressemble à aucune autre. Scotia, l'infâme sorcière, veut le pouvoir, la richesse, des terres... bref, LE MONDE ENTIER! Pourrez-vouz l'arréter? Vous devez d'abord trouver la pierre de vérité afin de triompher de ses pouvoirs maléfique. Entrez dans la peau d'un des sept personnages à votre disposition et affrontez plus de cinquante monstres dotés d'intelligence et d'un réalisme sidérant lors de combats mortel. Conçu par Westwood Studios, à l'origine des extradinaires Eye of the Beholder I & II.


    Scotia, die scheußliche Hexe, will alles an sich reißen... Macht... Reichtum... Land... DIE GANZE WELT! Kann ihrer Gier Einhalt geboten werden? Der Stein der Wahrheit muß gefunden werden, bevor der Rat ihren bösen Machenschaften ein Ende setzen kann..." Eine Legende ist zum Leben erwacht... "Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos" ist ein Fantasy-Rollenspiel wie kein anderes! Die ernorme Spielvielfalt, die hervorragenden Grafiken und Animationen sowie die unglaublichen Spezialeffekte machen die über drißig atemberaubenden Spielszenen zu einem unvergeßlichen Abenteuer. Als eine von vier zur Auswahl stehenden Spielfiguren müssen Sie sich in einem Kampf um Leben und Tod mehr als fünfzig hochintelligenten und unnachgiebigen Monstern stellen. Phantasie und Realität verschmelzen miteinander und werden eins in einem Land, in dem das einzige Gesetz das Überleben ist. "Land of Lore: The Throne of Chaos" von Westwood Studios - den Schöpfern von "Eye of the Beholder" I und II.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66741) on Sep 11, 2004.

Back Cover - White Label Release (US):
    The Dark Army encroaches. King Richard falls. And Scotia beckons you, laughing. In her mad quest for power, Scotia has ravaged the kingdom. She seeks the throne, yet it eludes her.

    Can you stop her?

    Do you dare?

    • Thousands of man-hours in development has resulted in a richly interactive storyline
    • Heart-pumping action and adventure - Battle your way through 50 of the most horrifying monsters to ever hit the screen. These vindictive creatures will require your undivided attention.
    • Enter a Land of Sensory Captivation - Hear the roar of wounded beasts and the clash of fighting steel. Over 20 megabytes of compressed art and special effects
    • Quick and Easy Combat and Spell Casting - Experience-driven development puts you in charge. Determine the destiny of your character and party members
    • Compass and Automapper Included - Adventure through ancient keeps and misty forests. Unearth hidden ruins and haunted caves
    • Cooperate with the helpful, sidestep the treacherous, and destroy the dangerous in this realm of mystery
    • Featuring the voice of Patrick Stewart as King Richard

    Contributed by Xoleras (66741) on Sep 11, 2004.

Advertisement in Electronic Entertainment, March 1994:

    Star Trek: The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart in Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

    With Patrick Stewart as the voice of King Richard, Lands of Lore has a royal advantage over other fantasy games: An actor of real authority in a role of authority, at the head of a huge cast of heroes and villains who speak, rant and roar their way through the most vocally interactive role-playing adventure yet devised. (A mammoth 130 MB of digitized speech makes it possible).

    The Dark Army is on the move, led by the shapeshifting sorceress Scotia - and each time you meet her she'll be more powerful and terrifying than the last. But your powers can grow, too. Experienced-based character development makes great warriors of those who take arms (in real-time combat) against a sea of indescribable monsters and makes mighty wizards of those who cast Larger-Than-Life spells. Explore ancient castles, living forests, hidden lairs, bustling towns, haunted caverns, through 30 enchanted levels made vividly real by more than 20 MB of compressed art and special effects.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 18, 2001.

The Westwood Studios Catalog:
  • Thousands of man-hours in development have resulted in a richly woven interactive storyline.
  • Featuring Patrick Stewart as the voice of King Richard.
  • Heart-pumping action and adventure.
  • Quick and easy combat and spell casting.
  • Compass and automapper included.

    Contributed by MAT (194968) on Apr 15, 2001.