Langrisser I & II Screenshots

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SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Langrisser I Splash
When starting a new game you are asked a series of questions. How you answer them determines the main character's starting class.
Opening Movie
World Map
Start of Scenario 1. Important dialog in the game is voice acted.
Battle Sequence
A commander battling troops. Commanders are more powerful than regular troops, but if they die all of their troops are lost as well.
Scenario Clear
Victory Screen - Langrisser I Variant
Shop for new items and equip your commanders.
Scenario 2
Magic Attack
Langrisser II Splash
Opening Movie
First Scenario of Langrisser II. Although called Langrisser II by the game, it looks and plays like Der Langrisser.
Battle Sequence
Victory Screen - Langrisser II Variant