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Larn Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro screen.
Starting equipment is a dagger and leather armor. You start in the wilderness with various locations nearby.
Visiting the trading post to sell items.
At home, you are informed that you must find a rare potion to save your daughter's life.
Entering the dungeon for the first time.
Found a chest. Chests can be locked or trapped.
Traps like this arrow are a constant danger in addition to the monsters.
Visiting the tax man back in the wilderness.
The game can be very specific about commands, here I am wielding some studded leather armor as a weapon rather than properly wearing it.
Shopping for new gear after gathering gold in the dungeon.
Exploring level one, I found a potion that increases charm. Some potions can be helpful while others will injure or confuse you.
Getting some training.
The various monsters you can encounter.

Atari ST version

The world
Taking classes at the university
Making a deposit at the bank
In the beginning the inventory is a bit empty
Fortune cokies can give helpful advice

DOS version

The title / intro screen
Beginning the game -- this is the city.
The help screen with all available commands
Visiting your home and your daughter
The shop offers everything you need for the dungeon -- it's just a bit expensive...
You can also sell things at the trading post.
Finally, a game in which you have to pay taxes!
Attacked by a bat in town
The college allows you to learn and upgrade skills.
Entering the dungeon
Killed a kobold
Found a magic potion
The magic inventory.

Linux version

Wandering around town
Checking my inventory. I loaded up a save where I made a small amount of progress.
Checking in at home. Things are looking dire.
Checking out the DND store. This place is well stocked.
Re-entering the Dungeon. This is how much of floor 1 that I previously explored.
Finding new items
A holy altar. I am given the option to pray (with optional donation) or desecrate the altar.
Finding a fountain on floor 2. I am granted free experience points.
In town, there is also a volcano entrance. This place is much harder, and this 'Xvart' is about to kill me.