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Las Vegas Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Unlike Leisure Suit Larry, you start in the bar. Note there are no other customers...
You step outside. Hmm, so that's where the idea of that dog came from!.. Note the taxi sign
The back room has nice, atmospheric graphics. The descriptions are miles below those of Larry, though. The rose is called simply "flower" here
The bathroom is even more detailed than in Leisure Suit Larry! Note the obscene drawings...
You find a way to access the pimp's room. The pimp looks pretty colorful, what with the red pants and all
The taxi screen is remarkably similar to that of the VGA remake of Larry! Don't you think?..
The disco area. At the top you can see available directions
The seller in this version looks suspiciously like Colonel Sanders of KFC fame
Disco entrance is pretty stylish. There is no bouncer, however
In front of the casino. Detailed backgrounds. Neon signs are flashing
Interior of the casino
Playing the slot machines
Seriously, doesn't he look like a rabbi??.. Hmm, that tells us something of Larry's ethnic origins!..
Casino hotel lobby. Nope, there is nothing in that ashtray... don't even try
Blackjack table has its own separate screen
Playing blackjack
This is actually Faith. You can't really talk to her here...
The hotel only has one upper floor with a corridor
In the disco. In this version, wine is being sold here
You give Fawn the flower. Note the superimposed scene
Yup, you are finally close to do it with Fawn!..
...but she has other plans
Yikes. The hooker is... unappetizingly explicit in this version
Game Over! What a colorful screen...

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
One whiskey!
Gave whiskey to this guy and look - a control unit appeared
Buying a magazine to see the article on how to pick up chicks
Front of Casino, apparently the sportscar is a BMW
Playing blackjack, need to make some money
Congratulations... you just payed a hundred bucks to have sex with THAT THING
Oh believe me, after seeing THAT you can bet your marbles this is an EXTREME EMERGENCY
Looking for my dignity in the garbage