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Last Armageddon Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Unspectacular title screen
This version comes with an in-game manual
Monster encyclopaedia
Starting area
Status screen
Some areas are shown as such pictures
Early battle
Colorful encounter
I knew this was going to end badly

NES version

Title screen
Starting the game
The objective is clear...
Visiting a grave of a fallen demon
Random battle
Alien assault
Skeleton and Minotaur prepare to fight the aliens
Skeleton and Minotaur discuss further plans
Cut scene: Skeleton dies
Go, demons!
Near a power station
Main menu
Can't enter: no ID card
Near a lake. You can change the leading character sprite any time
The place is invaded by aliens
Battle against two strange creatures

PC-98 version

Title screen
This is what the Earth became...
The man has lost everything...
"Hey man, how are you doing"? "I'm okay. Say, you wanna go to listen to some jazz today? I hear the Swinging Succubi band is really good, especially the pianist"
I guess somebody wanted a steak real bad...
Aliens invade the Earth. DEMONS must defend it! It's like the coolest plot I've ever come across :)
Maybe I can put it on the tea table at home. Ya know, let the kids play with it
Drinking wine (or is it blood?), the demons discuss the alien invasion
Demon compendium. Here you can view statistics for all the demons!
Here's a guy who is not afraid to use his head
Creating a demonic party :)
Random battle. Let's show this alien scum who's the boss here!
Starting area
Demon camp
Mysterious stones...
Tougher aliens. Attack in progress
We've leveled up, but at what price?..
Certain demons can cross water, but those in the party who can't will die...
Only one demon survived. He fights six idiotically-looking blue guys
Character statistics and management
Changing a party. These guys look tougher
Impressive Game Over screen
Tough aliens attack. On the verge of death
Crossing a desert
Must be really hard for those guys to buy glasses
Changed to a flying demon. Now these lakes can't poison me
Snowy area
Entered a 3D dungeon
We should take care of this guy quickly. Choosing a magic spell

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro, aliens gruesomely kill Minotaur
The eye is like a DVD disc while the head is the projector
And so the demons watch a movie
Demons want to go destroy the aliens
12 greatest demon warriors set out on their journey, the fate of Earth is about to be decided
Choosing party members, this one is Cyclops
Start of the game, the cave is your home base called Hell, 7 lithographs surround it
Enemy base, if you press Y a battle will ensue
Random battle

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Demon compendium!
See detailed information for all the demons!
Starting location
So guys, what do we do now? Play some poker?
Lots of those desolate stones...
Random battle against many aliens
You can shapeshift into a flying demon
Battles have no animation whatsoever
Cool Game Over screen!
Cut scene