Last Battle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

The story.
Title Screen.
Kill him.
Two to take out.
Good punch.
High kick.
Hello Max.
The route.
Big green man.
He's attacking.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The first stage
In the C64 version Aarzak can perform the same moves as in the Genesis version
Max, apparently, has the look of a hero
On the map, choosing which way to go

Genesis version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
The first stage
Aarzak is attacked from all directions
On the map you can often choose different routes
In this stage you have to dodge obstacles such as stones arrows etc.
Aarzak is in trouble
A cutscene elaborating the background story
Kick guy on the roof
He parodies Superman/Raiden
Another boss
Game over
Main regional difference? BLOOOOOOOOOOOOD
dialogues are of course in Japanese.