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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Boston, before the events of the main game - Ellie and her long time friend, Riley
If you played The Last of Us, you know where the events of DLC fit in.
The trade center in which Ellie hid the wounded Joel
Some nice statues there
A note about the pharmacist
The pharmacist doesn't look healthy
Listening for threats
There must be something valuable in that rescue helicopter
Running away with Riley
Boston at night
Ellie tries some booze
Ellie (in wolf's mask) wants to know the future
Girls try different masks in Spooky Town shop
Throwing bricks at cars' windows (a mini-game with Riley)
The water is freezing cold, but Ellie has to go through it
Attack of the infected
Looking for gas to power up the generator
Got to find another way...
Ellie finally got that much needed medkit
Girls are having fun
Girls fooling around inside a photo booth
Ellie gets to play an arcade fighting game... in her imagination
In my opinion, mannequins are even worse than zombies. Yeah, I played a lot of Silent Hill 2
Water gun duel
Girls dancing like there's no zombie apocalypse
Whoever wins, the less survivors the better
Do we need to follow that blood trail?
The shooter spotted me, but his gunfire attracted the clickers. Touché!
Ellie's got her bow now
I'm just gonna hide here and watch hostile survivors and infected kill each other
Scripted attack of infected
Ellie gets her bite
New concept art
New treasures

PlayStation 4 version

Riley paid a surprise visit to Ellie, while pretending to be a clicker.
This add-on takes place after the Joel's been wounded, between Fall and Winter periods in the original game.
Main title.
Exploring the shopping mall, looking for some medicine for Joel.
Seems somebody cleaned the pharmacy's supplies.
Time to go find the pharmacist, or what's left of him.
Ellie doesn't like scary surprises.
Pharmacist found, now let's check his pockets.
Ellie is taking out a deadly clicker like it is nothing.
That medical helicopter might have a medkit inside.
As in The Last of Us, there are many notes to be found lying around that give a background on the events that have transpired in the area.
If you're exploring too long, the game will think you are stuck and offer you a hint that will guide you to your goal.
Every now and then, Ellie will have flashback about her time with Riley.
Stick to the wall.
Hiding until military trucks pass.
Crossing the plank.
Searching through Winston's outpost.
Do you wanna sip or not?
It's a good thing this is only a Halloween prop.
Checking out various masks in the store.
The deal was whoever loses the throwing brick contest must answer to other one's questions.
Time to restore the electricity.
The water is freezing, but it's not too deep for Ellie to cross.
Ellie shooting at the pack of infested.
Now that we found the gas, the generator should work.
Stealth approach through a bunch of infested, and picking them one by one.
One jab with a switchblade should do the trick.
Infested don't seem to react to flashlight, even though that can see.
Taking a ride on the merry-go-round.
Taking the pictures at the photo booth.
Posing for a photo shot.
Ellie is playing the arcade with her mind.
Where did Riley go?
The duel with the water guns.
Seems like those bandits are still looking for Ellie and Joel.
This doesn't look inviting, but it's the only way.
An unlucky survivor
This might've been a photo studio.
Chased by the infected.
Ellie is pretty agile when there's a pack of infested on her tail.
Too close an encounter with the infected.
The last stand.
Unlockable character artwork.
Unlockable event artwork.

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  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind Screenshot