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The Lawnmower Man Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening exposition
Flyby of title
Footage digitized from the movie
Trapped in cyberspace with Cyberjobe
The eponymous villain
Cyberjobe claims his territory
Cyberjobe digitizes his enemies and brings them into cyberspace
More VR action
Running away from the lawnmower
Jump! One of 2 moves in this level (the other is duck)
Killed in cyberspace
Part of the long death sequence where the lawnmower runs through you.
The game really rubs it in when it's game over.
Finally, the game over screen, and the progress
Continue screen

SEGA CD version

A cutscene from the film introduces each sequence.
Your avatar in the virtual world.
In the first level, you transform into the glider from the film.
Gameplay footage of the flyer level.
Miss a single button press and you get your lawn mowed.