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Runeterra is a world full of magic. But not in an esoteric or invisible kind of way. No, the magic is real. It can be formed, sculpted, manipulated and such. And no where on Runeterra is the concentration and accessibility of magic so high as in Valoran. There a nexus can be used to transform the raw magic into a physical form to make it usable. But as useful that may be on first glance, in reality the abundance of raw energy has always been a threat to the very existence of Runeterra. It's a very unstable world with seismic disturbances and every kind of geological areas scattered around the surface of the planet. In addition many used the raw energy in their wars without regard to the consequences of their actions. The last two rune-wars alone changed the face of Valoran completely and even when the raw energy had been turned to restoration after the people realized they terrible mistake, the changes continued to go on. A theory says that another rune-war will destroy the whole world from within.

In order to prevent that from happening, the League of Legends was formed. Their entire purpose is to oversee the controlled resolution of the political conflicts in Valoran. To that end it was decided that all important conflicts have to be resolved inside specific arenas build at various places in Valoran. Summoners of a political group are now allowed to announce one champion each to resolve their conflict in these arenas. The player takes on the role of such a Summoner.

League of Legends is a free-2-play-strategy-game and builds heavily on the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos-modification Defense of the Ancients by the same developer. To get access to additional champions, runes and such, the players need to invest their money through the integrated shop. Each Summoner has access to three skill trees divided into Offense, Defense and Utility and a rune-book. Points or runes invested will grant the champion access to additional spells or higher attributes. In addition the champion himself has his own accessorize of spells and abilities available but at the start of each game he will be back at level 1 while the player always levels up through winning games.

The goal of each match is to destroy the enemy nexus. A few moments after the game starts an endless stream of minions begin to spawn and automatically moving towards the enemy nexus. In-between are defense towers and of course enemy troops. To that end the champion, controlled by the player in a typical RTS-fashion, has to help his uncontrollable minions to destroy the obstacles and ultimately the enemy nexus.

Each kill the champion or nearby minion makes, will grant him experience points and grant him a level up to 18. In addition so-called creeps are scattered around the maps for the champions to engage including an epic monster that can't be killed alone or without a very high level. Each level up grants a talent point to upgrade an existing spell or unlock a new one. Furthermore the player gains gold constantly throughout a match which in return is invested in items available at a shop in the base.

The game is heavily focused on multiplayer-matches and can't be played without a internet connection. Still the practice matches allow for play against and with bots who fill up the available free spots.


League of Legends Windows We're nearing the enemies base and nexus.
League of Legends Windows Killing a dragon with the help of my summoned bear.
League of Legends Windows My comrad jesters.ice slayed a bot.
League of Legends Windows The shop at your base has a vast assortment of goods.

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Alternate Titles

  • "LoL" -- Official abbreviation
  • "League of Legends: Clash of Fates" -- Working title

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Critic Reviews

GameSpot Windows Oct 10, 2013 9 out of 10 90
JeuxVideoPC.com Windows Nov 10, 2009 17 out of 20 85
Girl Gamers UK Windows Nov 25, 2009 8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars8.5 Stars 85
ComputerGames.ro Windows Jul 05, 2010 82 out of 100 82
Jeux Vidéo Network Windows Oct 30, 2009 16 out of 20 80
GameStar (Germany) Windows Apr 06, 2012 80 out of 100 80
Gaming Nexus Windows Dec 21, 2009 8 out of 10 80
GameSpy Windows Nov 30, 2009 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars 80
GameStar (Germany) Windows Dec 11, 2009 76 out of 100 76
Boomtown Windows Dec 15, 2009 5 out of 10 50


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It probably isn't a coincidence that the champion "Riven the Exile" shares her name and title with the second and third games in the Myst series, Riven and Myst III: Exile.


  • GameSpy
    • 2009 - PC Gamers' Choice Award
    • 2009 - The Game That Keeps on Going Award
    • 2009 - The Deceptively Free Award
    • 2011 - MOBA of the Year
  • IGN
    • 2009 - Best PC Strategy Game
    • 2009 - Best PC Multiplayer Game
  • The Game Awards
    • 2017 – Best Esports Game – Nominated
    • 2018 – Best Esports Game – Nominated

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