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  • The game originally called for time-travelling Raziel to run into both forms of Kain, that is the older one he is already familiar with, along with the younger, more arrogant Kain known from the Blood Omen. An early preview of the game, suggests this was the intention.
  • The Water, Earth and Spirit Elemental Reavers were meant to be included in this game, they were not finished in time. Their symbols can be seen in the Elder God's Chamber along with Fire, Air, Light and Darkness.
  • Apparently, the Spirit Reaver was meant to have a Hookshot-like ability.
  • In the "Making of" material section, the Enemy subsection included artwork of Vampires that were meant to be encountered ingame. However they were cut from the final release, and the only Vampires are either main characters or the strung-up kills of the mercenary and Sarafan Armies. Apparently, there were two parts where Raziel would have met them. Firstly, there was a planned sequence involving Raziel interrupting a slaying. And secondly, there was to be a hidden vampire village in the swamp ruins. It's not known whether or not they would have been allies or enemies. There were vampiric and/or demonic cultists planned to appear but they were also dropped. Actually, the lack of vampiric opponents is a surprising turn of events considering that mutated and devolved vampires made up the bulk of the enemies in Soul Reaver.

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  • When Moebius stands in confrontation with Malek at his side, faint screams can be heard in the background. The screams and dialog match the introduction to the first Blood Omen game, implying that events are occurring at the same time.
  • When Raziel enters the 'full circle' room for the first time (the room with the snake on the ground), in Moebius' crusade era, there are paintings on the wall depicting the Sarafan warriors and a statue of Raziel himself. Well, if you look at Rahab's picture, you'll see a couple of seahorses carved in his armor. Funny thing, since Rahab will be the first vampire with the ability to swim in Soul Reaver...


Although the game was released before the movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, there's a reference to it, or at least a big coincidence.

When Raziel is heading back to the Serafan Stronghold, after Janos Audron's death, as he reaches the pillars, 3 demons block his way. These demons are very similar to the Balrog in LOTR, but without wings. One of them turn to Raziel and say "You shall not pass!", just like Gandalf says to Balrog in the movie!

Title screen

The background image that swirls around during the title screen is actually the Tomb of William the Just, the view shifts between the material realm and the spectral realm.

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