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Legacy of the Ancients Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Game setup screen.
The story begins.
Wandering the museum.
Introduction to the museum.
This is where you can transport to the town of Thornberry.
Arrival in Thornberry.
Exploring the shops.
Hmmm, will this fortune come true?
Playing the gambling game Flip-Flop and I win lots of gold. I guess the fortune was right!
If Flip-Flop isn't your thing, you can always try your hand at Blackjack.
Heading out of Thornberry, into the wilderness.
I bought a raft to sail the seas.
Battling a Scorpod on the landscape.
Sea monsters are tough when you start out, this one got the best of me.

Commodore 64 version

The game begins with title and music.
The story begins ...
... in an intergalactic museum.
From the museum you can access different parts of the world (if you have the right coins).
Your main quest
Entering Thornberry
In Thornberry you can buy weapons, armor, boats or climbing equipment, borrow money or use the bank.
Entering a house
The world map

DOS version

Title screen
Beginning a game; here's the story so far...
Wandering about one of the dungeon like museums
Hmm, what have I found here? A flower fountain...
Map of the world; watch out for that guy attacking!
Visiting a town
Talk to the people inside the buildings to buy items, sell items, and more
I don't have enough money to buy weapons at this point in time
Exiting through this door brings you to the world map
The inventory screen