Legend Screenshots

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
First stage
Nice background graphics
A mid-boss
In the swamps
The boss of the swamp level
There are rarely less than four enemies on screen.
Using a spell in a boss-fight. Much like in Golden Axe, you can pick up magic bags that allow you to use spells.
Thrown into prison
Fighting a group of skeletons
The atmosphere of the game is rather dark.
Grapped by a boss
The game looks very good, but sometimes the graphics can get in the way.
Boss-battles can be very tough - your spells aren't wasted here.
Dogs can be very annoying, especially in groups.
Fighting some monks.
Boss-battle with a wizard who has summoned a gargoyle to help him out.
Stage clear
Fight on bridge
Enemy archer
Some dialogue
Bonus stage
Stage 2
Angry birds
Trees on first screen
Another bridge
Game Over
Castle entrance
Enemy with strange sword
Game has stairs

Windows version

Main menu
First mission
Game starts
In forest
On bridge
First sub-boss
Fight in mist
Deadly tree