Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 3DS (US):

    Embark on a dangerous quest for a mystical fish, or care for your own pet fish!

    Original Release Date: November 1999.

    The Legend of the River King is a unique fishing RPG that offers two great modes, putting your angling and survival skills to the test!

    Select Fish mode, and follow a young boy’s quest for the elusive Guardian Fish. Only with its magical powers can he save his sister from a mysterious illness. Choose a fishing spot from the quiet lakes to the raging rapids. Check the water conditions, and then select from a variety of fishing rods and tackle. But watch out, because dangerous animals will attack you along the shores! Stop at the local villages to sell your catch and restock on supplies, or rest at an inn before moving on. Catch all 40 different species of fish to reveal a new fishing spot!

    You can also try your hand at raising a pet fish in Raise mode. Keep your fish happy by regularly checking its status and cleaning its tank, and watch as it evolves into a different species!

    This game is only playable in 2D.

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20292) on Jul 18, 2016.

U.S. print ad:
    Legend of the River King GB is the first and only game that combines the action of a fishing game with a dynamic RPG story for a unique game experience. However, there's a catch. Instead of fighting the usual bunch of monsters, you'll battle with 40 different species of fish. But this isn't drowning a few worms for fun; you're on a quest to save your ill sister. The only chance to save your sister is to reel in the magical Guardian Fish. To land this whale of a fish, you'll have to travel the land selling your prized catches for money. Only after buying the best equipment and gaining experience, will you be able to conquer this trophy catch.

    With hours and hours of exciting game play, once you play Legend of the River King, you'll be hooked!

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on Apr 28, 2004.