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Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide (1999)
In the RPG realm, convention tends to reign supreme. If you're looking for something different that offers a relaxing atmosphere and an intimate, small scale quest, you'll not go wrong with Legend of the River King GBC.
Game Boy ColorTotal! (Germany) (Jun, 1999)
Die ansprechende und stimmungsvolle Grafik. die vielen verschiedenen Fische, die es zu fangen gibt, und die Jagd nach Erfahrungspunkten machen aus Legend of the River King eine gelungene Mixtur aus Angel- und Rollenspiel. Wer nach einiger Übung den ersten Fisch an Land gezogen hat wird den Game Boy nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. bis er, in dem jederzeit aufrufbaren Tagebuch, alle vierzig Arten als gefangen abhaken kann.
Game Boy ColorSuper Play (Sweden) (Feb, 1999)
I Legend of the River King finns det fyra stora banor som bjuder på flera överraskningar. Den första fungerar som en plantskola där grunderna lärs ut i tur och ordning. Allt är inte helt uppenbart, så viss efterforskning krävs. Och det är lite av spelets charm.
Game Boy ColorVideo Games (May, 1999)
Kultiges Game, das Get Bass irgendwie ideal ergänzt.
Game Boy ColorIGN (Feb 02, 2000)
If I have any minor complaint with this game, it's that the game is not exactly a real RPG. There aren't dozens of territories and towns to visit, nor is there a big underlining plot. Instead, there's a few excuses to toss in some role-playing elements now and then. The battle mode adds to the feel, but overall it's more about catching the rarest fish out there than anything else. Nonetheless, Natsume is responsible for this great game, and Legend of the River King is as easy to pick up and play as it is fun. Pick up this one and you won't be disappointed.
Nintendo 3DSGamezGeneration (Apr 09, 2013)
Wer eher ruhigere Spiele wie Harvest Moon oder Animal Crossing mag, der sollte sich Legend of the River King auf jeden Fall einmal ansehen. Für leidenschaftliche Hobby-Angler ist das Spiel ebenfalls bestens geeignet. Das Angel-Abenteuer ist ein angenehm gemächliches Spiel, perfekt geeignet für längere Fahrten mit ÖPNV, aber auch zum Entspannen zu Hause.
Game BoyNintendo Power Magazine (Apr, 1998)
Legend of the River King won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for gamers who enjoyed Harvest Moon or other unusual RPGs such as E.V.O. from Enix, River King should be quite the catch.
Game BoyIGN (Jun 14, 1999)
Legend of the River King is a very intricate game. Play is rich and varied with several different but intuitive interfaces. There are plenty of quests in each location to keep the player occupied. Its seamless combination of RPG features with the nicely tuned fishing engine and the surprisingly well done virtual pet mode gives this game a depth and breadth that propels it to the top of its genre. Both hard-core and casual fishing fans will find much to be savored in Legend of the River King.
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Apr 16, 2013)
Apesar de ser um jogo divertido, Legend of the River King é algo curto, e a menos que se tente apanhar todas as variedades de peixe, a história principal acabará bastante cedo. Para além disso, o facto de a sua tradução ser um pouco tremida, conjugado com as dificuldades em compreender algumas técnicas básicas poderão fazer com que alguns jogadores se sintam desencorajados. No entanto, como já foi dito, ignorando os problemas já mencionados, acaba por ser uma experiência agradável e a inclusão de elementos fora do comum poderão torná-lo numa boa compra, especialmente tendo em conta o acessível preço de 4,99 euros.