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Action/adventure history starts here NES CrackTheSky (36)
Fond Memories Of A Truly Magical Game. NES Guy Chapman (2001)
A pioneer in the industry NES Calpis (65)
The original RPG / Adventure platform hybrid. NES Majestic Lizard (676)
Possibly the most amazing video game of all time NES J O (9)
A necessary NES gaming experience. NES J. David Taylor (28)
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Game Boy Advance 37 3.6
NES 179 4.0
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Combined User Score 229 3.9

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The inclusion of a battery backup (the first for an NES game), ensures that every nook and cranny of Hyrule can be explored and conquered at the player’s leisure. The developers may have known that players would not want to leave the land of Hyrule, even after defeating Ganon and rescuing Zelda, so players even have the option of completing an all different second quest after the first. This is a shining jewel of not just only the NES library, but of all video games.
NESVideo Game Den (Feb 08, 2011)
All the ingredients and conventions that made Zelda such a classic are already reunited in this first episode. It is truly Nintendo and Miyamoto San at their finest.
NESGaming since 198x (Jan 24, 2012)
Épisode fondateur de la saga, The Legend of Zelda pose les bases du genre et se révèle toujours aussi bon à jouer de nos jours qu'il l'était à l'époque. Long, difficile d'accès mais passionnant, il fait partie de ces indispensables à l'heure où les derniers jeux de la série se révèlent courts, faciles, et cruellement décevants. Un classique indémodable.
NESNES Times (Dec 18, 2006)
The Legend of Zelda has been hailed as one of the best games of all time with good reason. White it may seem simplistic on the surface, all the elements come together to produce another Nintendo masterpiece. Plus Zelda 1 set the precedent for most of the later entries in the series. Most importantly, it's still fun to go through all the dungeons and try to uncover all the game's secrets as well as trying to beat the Second Quest. Without a doubt The Legend of Zelda has stood the test of time and is indeed worthy of its legendary status.
NESLe Geek (Mar, 2007)
So, to sum up: The Legend of Zelda is a childhood favorite of mine. Like many childhood memories, it's a little smaller and simpler than I remembered. However, it's just as fun as the day it came out. If for some reason you haven't played it, I highly recommend tracking it down. It's a textbook example of a great game.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 2004)
Legend of Zelda may be timeless, but it does lack the polish of subsequent chapters. It's annoying how monsters materialize briefly after you enter a screen, leading to some really cheap deaths. Upon reaching the edge of the "world", the screens start repeating in a confusing manner. Money is hard to scrounge up, and I would not recommend playing the gambling mini-games. Despite these quibbles, the Legend of Zelda is almost as fun to play now as it was back in the day. Plus, it's kind of refreshing to play a Zelda game that you can finish in a weekend.
Game Boy (Jun 30, 2004)
Legend of Zelda packs the same stellar punch that it did when I was 8 years old and it was amazing how all the secrets and tricks in the game seemed to come flooding back to me all these years later. The graphics are standard fare 8-bit, but the gameplay is just as addicting as it ever was. I implore everyone that doesn't own this to find a copy as soon as possible.
And did I mention the game is a BLAST to play? The Legend of Zelda is at the top, or near the top of many gamers and magazines all time top games list for a very good reason. It immerses the players into a world like no other. It is not a game to be missed.
NES1UP! (Dec 06, 2003)
Le désir de continuer, lui, ne quittera jamais le joueur, on ne s'ennuie pas, et cela fait près de 20 ans que ca dure. Deux décennies que les Zelda nous séduisent, deux décennies que ce premier Zelda continue de nous enthousiasmer. Les grands oeuvres ne vieillisent pas et ne meurent jamais. The Legend of Zelda est un titre immortel, comme une certaine légende que l'on répète sur une petite île de la Grande Mer, la légende de Zelda sur NES continue de vivre.
NESRPGFan (Mar 27, 2001)
Every game in the Action RPG genre owes its existence to this ancient golden cartridge. Link wound up setting an example for the world to follow concerning how one should build a game, and very few have even come close to matching it.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target (Jun 15, 2004)
How do you review a re-release of what is arguably the greatest game ever created? Do I talk about my feelings about The Legend of Zelda from the perspective of the eight year old boy that first played it? Is it even fair to compare it to contemporary games? Should I try to wipe the slate clean and review it as if I had never played it before? That would be quite the difficult task. I guess I'll just have to dive right in and find out.
NESRetro Archives (Sep 30, 2017)
Il est aujourd’hui à peu près aussi stérile qu’inconcevable d’imaginer à quoi pourrait ressembler le monde vidéoludique actuel privé de l’héritage de The Legend of Zelda. Le jeu conçu par Takashi Tezuka et Shigeru Miyamoto représente une sorte de miracle comme on en voit peut-être un par génération: un jeu qui a visé juste dans tous les domaines qu’il explorait pour la première fois, du premier coup. Combien de titres âgés de trente ans peuvent aujourd’hui se vanter de se découvrir, manette en main, avec pratiquement le même plaisir qu’au jour de leur sortie? Le triomphe instantané rencontré par le jeu à l’époque n’a rien d’usurpé: il demeure, à sa façon, le rêve d’enfant enfin concrétisé, cette quête initiatique qu’on nous avait implicitement promise en nous lisant des contes de fées le soir. Un classique immortel comme on n’en connaitra peut-être plus jamais.
NESRandom Access (Jul 20, 2011)
The Legend of Zelda indeed is deserving of all the hype it has received over the past 25 years. That's right: we're talking about a 25-year-old game. That's older than half the gaming population today. That's even older than Teddy Grahams. The Legend of Zelda formulated the groundwork for adventuring in one fell swoop. If there was a single example from which all future games plucked mechanics for successful adventure gaming, it's this one. Nintendo knew it hit solid gold when this game was completed (they must have, considering it was implanted into a gold cartridge), and its golden rays continue to shine via those with the original cartridge (such as myself) or newer gamers experiencing Link's origins on the Wii's Virtual Console. Either way, it's always a great time to resurrect Link and play through his very first adventure once again and an even greater way to unite older and newer players... through the power of the legendary Triforce!
95 (Jan 01, 2010)
Véritable joyau du patrimoine vidéoludique, le titre le plus mythique de la NES n'est pas de ces jeux que l'on oublie sitôt l'aventure terminée. Par son plaisir de jeu, aujourd'hui encore inégalé, et son charme exceptionnel, le chef-d'œuvre de Nintendo aura su déchaîner les passions des joueurs du monde entier, marquant ainsi l'histoire du jeu vidéo à tout jamais. L'épée virevolte, les ennemis trépassent, et la magie opère... Sans précédent !
95 (Nov 12, 2009)
Véritable joyau du patrimoine vidéoludique, le titre le plus mythique de la NES n’est pas de ces jeux que l’on oublie sitôt l’aventure terminée. Par son plaisir de jeu, aujourd’hui encore inégalé, et son charme exceptionnel, le chef-d’œuvre de Nintendo aura su déchaîner les passions des joueurs du monde entier, marquant ainsi l’histoire du jeu vidéo à tout jamais. L’épée virevolte, les ennemis trépassent, et la magie opère… Sans précédent !
NESNintendo Land (2003)
This game is really huge for being one of the first NES games to be released. It uses the MMC -chip to help the game to scroll both vertically and horizontally. The best part is that when you have completed it the game starts all over again and has now become constantly harder and all the weapons, items and dungeons are in other places. A great game with great long time interest!
Game Boy AdvanceThe Video Game Critic (Jul 18, 2004)
Legend of Zelda may be timeless, but it understandably lacks the polish of subsequent Zeldas. I don't like how the monsters materialize briefly after you enter a screen, resulting in some really cheap hits. It's also annoying how when you reach the edge of the "world", the screens just start to repeat in a confusing manner. Some of Zelda's graphics are a bit hard to discern on the small Gameboy screen - many creatures are hard to see at all. But despite these minor quibbles, Legend of Zelda is still a very satisfying experience. Plus, it's refreshing to play a Zelda game that you can finish in a weekend.
NESGeeks Under Grace (Jul 18, 2014)
The Legend of Zelda is a top-notch game. It gave birth to the Zelda series, and set the standard for action-adventure games. The combat is fun and the music is outstanding. If you've never played this game, by all means, find a way to play it.
NESPixlBit (Dec 15, 2013)
The Legend of Zelda has become a well-respected, venerable series and for good reason. This first game of many really solidified the action/adventure genre and provided an unforgettable experience for anyone willing to devote their time to explore the land of Hyrule. There were no menu commands to sort through, and no level-up system to dictate the growth of your character. Instead, the game featured the simple use of a sword and shield and left it up to you as to how you would develop Link. Just keep in mind that the game will not hold your hand with regard to where to go or how exactly to accomplish certain key objectives. So don't be ashamed to whip out the strategy guide if need be. It's a great buy for anyone interested in familiarizing themselves with the series' humble beginnings.
There are powerups and bonuses hidden in the walls as well as fair smattering of puzzles to be solved before you can gain entry to parts of the game. Graphics and sound are excellent and again playability is supreme. It needs to be, as the price tag is a bit hefty at £39.
NESGamesCollection (Jun 14, 2012)
The Legend of Zelda non sarà di certo il capitolo più bello della saga, ma bisogna comunque tener conto che si tratta del capostipite della serie e che ogni episodio ha comunque perfezionato il genere nato sull'8-Bit Nintendo, sia per quanto concerne la struttura di gioco che il gameplay. Nonostante tutto, questo capitolo, resta comunque un capolavoro e chiunque si definisce appassionato di videogiochi e non abbia giocato a questo Zelda non può, secondo me, ritenersi tale; percui il mio consiglio è quello di rimediare al più presto, anche perché non ci sarà da pentirsene. Il titolo da cui tutto è cominciato e chissà se Shigeru Miyamoto si aspettava che da questo episodio, nato dalle sue avventure immaginarie nei boschi dietro casa sua, sarebbe nata una saga che ora ha raggiunto un traguardo importante come il 25esimo anniversario.
NESJust Games Retro (Feb 11, 2007)
Legend of Zelda is awesome and everyone but me already knew that, so to be honest I feel like an idiot up here. However, I'll assume (and you kids at home can assume along with me) that there may be others who have shunned this series or perhaps picked up later titles but never gone back to the granddaddy. With these folks in mind, let's dive in.
WiiIGN (Feb 14, 2007)
The Legend of Zelda's sequel, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, will benefit even more from be played through the VC – but that's a tale for another time. For now, experience the original. Revisit Link's first journey through the land of Hyrule, and see where the franchise first was formed. The Legend of Zelda is absolutely worth your 500 Wii Points, even if you already own it in other forms. For me, I think it's time to take another shot at the Second Quest – I wonder what Drew is up to these days?
Game Boy Advance1UP (Jun 07, 2004)
A few months ago, my roommate and I were discussing how much we'd love to see a GameBoy Advance version of the original Legend of Zelda. The GameCube Collector's Edition reminded us how much we enjoy the old NES classic and how the two Oracles titles for GameBoy Color began life as a straight port of the game. Surely, we speculated, it wouldn't be hard for Nintendo to finish what they started and give us a "Zelda All-Stars" sort of collection for GBA... or, at the very least, a no-frills budget-priced remake of the original. Right?
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone (Jul 01, 2004)
Ever since I played the Legend of Zelda on the NES years ago, I have been hooked on the series. I have loved playing every Zelda game that Nintendo has released throughout the years. Even though I was skeptical of the Wind Waker when it was first announced, I was still was one of the first people to pick it up, and I am really ecstatic about this latest game that Nintendo showed at E3 this year. When I heard that Nintendo was re-releasing many of its classic NES games, I was very happy to hear that The Legend of Zelda would be one of them. Does this game still captivate me, just like it did so many years ago? Read on to find out!
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US) (Aug 06, 2004)
One of the few video-game designers in the 1980s truly possessed of genius, Shigeru Miyamoto inoculated American youth with Super Mario Bros. before unleashing this quasi-RPG/exploration masterpiece that infected a generation of game geeks like a communicable disease.
Il concetto di gioco non è molto originale, si tratta in definitiva di una delle tante avventure dinamiche di ispirazione fantasy, ma qui si raggiungono certamente i livelli più alti della categoria.
NESPower Play (Dec, 1987)
Der Bursche, der die irre Idee hatte, eine Batterie in das Modul zu quetschen, hat sich ein doppeltes Schulterklopfen verdient. Dadurch kostet Legend of Zelda zwar mehr als andere Spiele. aber wem es nach einem komplexen Action-Adventure gelüstet, der wird diese Investition nicht bereuen. Die Spielfläche ist groß. Monster und versteckte Extras gibt es in Hülle und Fülle. An diesem Spiel wird man fieberhaft sitzen, bis man es eines Tages schließlich gelöst hat. Das tolle Spielprinzip, bei dem die Action nicht zu kurz kommt, entschädigt auch für die eher schlichte Grafik. Nintendo-Besitzern kann ich nur raten, sich das Spiel einmal anzusehen, wenn es in Deutschland veröffentlicht wird.
WiiRPGFan (May 22, 2010)
Overall, you can’t really go past The Legend of Zelda. If you’re a fan of the series then you really need to pick up this title now. There’s no reason not for you to play it, especially for such a cheap price on the Wii Virtual Console. Even after all these years it still manages to retain the classic Zelda 'feel'. Likewise if you’re a fan of old-school games you’ll enjoy the challenge and design of one of the greatest early console games. If you don’t fit into either of those categories then take a chance and give it a go if anything here grabbed your attention. Even if you don’t think it’s the greatest game ever you’ll get the chance to appreciate one of the first true milestones in video gaming history.
Game Boy AdvanceNetjak (Jun 23, 2004)
If you’re thinking about buying the Classic NES version of The Legend of Zelda (or any of the Classic NES games, for that matter), the important thing to understand is that you’re getting exactly that, being the version that came out for the NES; you get nothing more and nothing less. More than any of the other NES re-releases, though, The Legend of Zelda is easily worth the $20 investment, despite the lack of updates and occasional slowdown. In fact, the only thing that makes the decision to purchase the re-release of The Legend of Zelda is that it was just reissued on the Zelda Collector’s Edition for GameCube several months ago. Overall, though, Zelda is just as much fun today as it was almost twenty years ago, and it holds up extremely well against its modern competition. And, after all, isn’t it worth $20 to not have to blow into the cartridge for five straight minutes every time you want to play Zelda?
NESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Mag dieses Modul auch schon ein Jährchen auf dem Buckel haben – Spaß bringt's immer noch.
NESneXGam (2002)
The Legend of Zelda ist nicht nur ein Stück Videospielgeschichte, es ist zudem ein richtig gutes Spiel! Viele Klassiker verlieren über die Jahre ihren Reiz und es ist schwer nachzuvollziehen, was die Leute damals so fasziniert hat. Bei Zelda ist es anders: Alle wichtigen Serienelemente sind bereits vorhanden, funktionieren gut und machen Spaß wie beim aktuellen Teil.
83 (Aug, 2012)
Like with any hugely influential work, Zelda has its champions who view the game through a rose-colored fog, and its detractors who view it as overrated at best and middling at worst. Both sides have reasonable points. If nothing else, they can agree on one thing: The Legend of Zelda changed the gaming landscape in 1987, and without it, we wouldn’t have games that are far superior. It was the template for future greatness, and as a game, it’s actually pretty ok.
WiiGamegravy (Jul 31, 2011)
The Legend of Zelda is a must in any Zelda fan or Nintendo fan’s library. Even though it was first released in 1987, the game does not feel that dated. If you have never played this game before the question you need to ask yourself is, “What am I waiting for?” This is the game that started and became one of greatest series in video game history and should be played by anyone that wants to call themselves a true gamer.
NESScore (May, 1995)
Příjemná RPG hra překvapující na NESu svou rozlohou, propracovaností a také vysokou zábavností a hratelností. Jedna z legend se vším, co k ní patří.
80 (UK) (Jan 26, 2007)
Needless to say, the visuals are beyond simplistic by today's standards, and the 'combat' is hilariously basic at first, so it might take a fair while to get into this as a newcomer. But for the sake of 500 measly points it's well worth having stored on your Wii if you're a slave to Zelda. For the rest of you, maybe best wait for Link to the Past to get a VC release...
NESDragon (Oct, 1993)
Zelda was one of the early games for Nintendo, and at one time had a breakfast cereal named after it. Given the limitations of the 8-bit Nintendo system, Zelda is a tremendous game.
NESTotal! (Germany) (Nov, 1998)
Spielerisch kann die gelungene Kombination der Action- und Adventure-Elemente selbst heute noch begeistern, auch wenn die grafische Darstellungsfähigkeit der 8-Bit-Konsole angesichts zahlreicher Gegner teilweise überfordert ist und die unterirdischen Gewölbe auf Dauer etwas eintönig wirken. Dank der ansprechenden Musik und der spannenden Geschichte könnt Ihr Euch aber getrost von Links erstem Abenteuer, The Legend of Zelda in seinen Bann ziehen lassen.
Game Boy AdvanceMeristation (Aug 23, 2004)
The Legend of Zelda es un título tan bueno ahora como el día que fue lanzado en NES. Sin embargo, The Legend of Zelda es exactamente el mismo título ahora que cuando fue lanzado en NES, con todas sus virtudes y defectos. Tal vez Nintendo podría haber homenajeado este gran título con algún tipo de extra que impulsase a los jugadores a hacerse con él, pero la carencia absoluta de novedades deja un sabor agridulce a los aficionados a la saga.
NESRetroage (Dec 31, 2011)
The Legend of Zelda to kolejna obowiązkowa pozycja od Nintendo. Tytuł kultowy na miarę Super Mario Bros. czy Donkey Kong. Polecać nie ma sensu, bo to absolutna klasyka i każdy powinien grę zaliczyć. Zapewniam tylko, że sam tytuł jest bardzo dobry i choć niewiele w nim fabuły, która naświetliłaby korzenie historii całej serii to i tak warto przeżyć samemu te pierwsze przygody Linka. The Legend of Zelda ma zasadniczo tylko jedną sporą wadę, którą to być może masochiści postrzegać będą jako zaletę - jest miejscami trudna jak cholera, więc przysiadając do niej, warto zaparzyć sobie dzbanuszek melisy.
NESTilt (Jan, 1988)
Ce jeu propose une réalisation de qualité. L'animation irréprochable est un modèle de précision. L'illustration sonore reste cependant le côté le plus étonnant de ce jeu.
WiiNintendo Life (Nov 20, 2006)
Where it all began - it's amazing how playable and fresh this games feels, even after all these years! Although the visuals and sound are hardly going to turn heads these days, the core Zelda gameplay is all present and correct.
80 (Jan 19, 2007)
Ebenso wie das quirlige Super Mario Bros. legte auch Zelda den Grundstein für eine gefeierte Spieleserie, die bis heute Bestand und vor allem Erfolg hat. 1986 stellte Zelda mit seinem offenen Spielablauf und interessanten Items die Krone des Abenteuerspiels dar. Heutzutage erscheint mir Links erster Rettungseinsatz – anders als Super Mario Bros. – zwar etwas altersschwach, nichtsdestotrotz zeigt das Draufsicht-Adventure schon recht deutlich, in welche Richtung die Reihe einmal gehen würde. Bumerang, Bogen und Bomben lieferten schon vor zwanzig Jahren massig neue Impulse für die Spielelandschaft. The Legend of Zelda hat dem Videospiel, das bis dahin selten aus mehr als einer Abfolge simpler Geschicklichkeitstests bestand, eine wichtige Initialzündung verpasst. Habenswert!
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Jun 04, 2004)
When The Legend of Zelda first hit the scene on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986, it had one of the dumbest, most obscure television adverts promoting the NES adventure. Some dude, most likely the winner of the Lindsay Buckingham look-alike contest, runs across the screen defying physics (and logic) to find the lost Zelda in a thirty second span. And you thought the ad for Super Mario Sunshine was bad... Despite the overall crummyness of the commercial, the game went on to become a great success for Nintendo during the company's early years, which is a testament to just how great a game it really was back in the mid 80s.
NESVideoGame (Apr, 1991)
Você é o único que pode ajudar o simpático Link a salvar a princesa Zelda, seqüestrada. E, no melhor estilo dos "Adventures", há vários caminhos, mas só um serve.
Game Boy Advance64 Power / big.N / N Games (Aug, 2004)
Wie alle anderen Spiele der NES Classics-Serie hinkt auch Zelda technisch hoffnungslos hinterher und hält einem deutlich vor Augen, wie begrenzt die Hardwarefähigkeiten damals waren, Aber gerade das macht die Faszination dieses Titels aus: Zu sehen, wie alles begann und wie bekannte Elemente aus heutigen Zelda-Spielen ihren Ursprung hatten.
Game Boy (Jul 12, 2004)
Voilà bien un jeu Nes Classics qui mérite largement ses 20 euros ! En sortant la version originale de The Legend of Zelda sur GBA, Nintendo offre à tous les néophytes l'opportunité de découvrir enfin le soft le plus mythique de la Nes et permet aux nostalgiques d'acquérir ce chef-d'oeuvre sur portable à l'heure où il est devenu bien difficile de faire tourner le jeu sur une console d'époque. Faisant fi du passage du temps et de l'avancée technologique, The Legend of Zelda passionnera pour toujours des générations de joueurs conquis par un plaisir de jeu inimitable.
The Legend of Zelda hat einen Super-Eindruck hinterlassen, nicht nur, was die goldfarbene Cassette und die Super-Anleitung angeht, sondern auch das Spiel begeistert durch seinen unglaublich "abgerundeten", "kompletten" Eindruck. Ich kann The Legend of Zelda wirklich jedem Nintendo-Besitzer empfehlen.
Game Boy AdvanceFOK!games (Jul 28, 2004)
Heeft de game de tand des tijds doorstaan? Dit is een moeilijke vraag en ik denk dat die niet in één zin te beantwoorden is. Voor iemand die nog nooit een Zelda-avontuur gespeeld heeft zou ik - ondanks de relatief lage prijs - dit spel niet aanraden. Het feit dat er te weinig feedback aan de speler gegeven wordt betekent dat het risico te groot is dat men het spel links laat liggen. Ik denk in dit opzicht ook dat Nintendo een fout heeft gemaakt door geen papieren kaart bij het spel te leveren. Wil je dus 'schoon' aan de Zeldareeks beginnen dan raad ik Zelda: a Link to the Past aan (reeds eerder op GBA verschenen), wat op alle punten een veel verfijndere game is om 'erin' te komen.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Jun 08, 2004)
The Legend of Zelda series has been one of Nintendo's most active since its domestic introduction back in 1987. In addition, it's been one of the most popular series of games ever created. The several sequels that have been released over the last 17 years have all followed the same basic blueprint as the original action adventure game that was released on the NES. Now, players can go back to the original game--but this time on their Game Boy Advances--because it's been rereleased as part of Nintendo's Classic NES Series. Though the game is old and has been followed up by plenty of other, deeper games in the series, The Legend of Zelda still holds up quite well, making it one of the only games in Nintendo's Classic NES Series that is worth the $20 price tag.
NESRetroguiden (Feb 11, 2009)
The Legend of Zelda förtjänar varje utmärkelse och ska absolut inte hoppas över till förmån för de senare delarna i serien. Att utforska Zelda-spelen är lika mycket ett utforskande av Shigeru Miyamotos designfilosofier och då är det första spelet ett måste.
NESMegablast (1992)
Die bildweise umgeschaltete Grafik wird aus der Vogelperspektive gezeigt, die Steuerung ist trotz der umfangreichen Handlungsmöglichkeiten problemlos.
NESWizard Dojo (Jan 18, 2016)
The importance of The Legend of Zelda is difficult to understate, but I’d be lying if I said it holds its own against other Nintendo greats. Its contributions to gaming are close to unrivaled, but there’s a reason why when people discuss the greatness of 2D Zelda games, they’re usually referring to A Link to the Past.
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (May 14, 2012)
Sem radicalismos, a Nintendo poderia ter demonstrado mais sensibilidade e, em nome da acessibilidade, não seria demais oferecer opções que permitam aos novos jogadores ter alguma noção daquilo que estão a fazer, mantendo o jogo original à parte para os que preferem a experiência com o mínimo de elementos contemporâneos. Talvez se trate, mais uma vez, das vicissitudes do mercado, mas esta conversão de Legend of Zelda é redundante para os jogadores de longa data e inacessível para os novos jogadores – apesar de estarmos perante um dos jogos mais importantes da história da indústria.
WiiMag'64 (Sep 04, 2009)
The Legend of Zelda ist nicht uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Wenn man bereits einige Zelda-Teile gespielt hat und Ahnenforschung betreiben möchte, ist es unter Umständen ein guter Kauf. Wenn man das Spiel noch nie gespielt hat, sollte man es mit einer Karte oder Komplettlösung aus dem Netz spielen, damit man immer weiß, was zu tun ist. Hat man jedoch noch überhaupt keinen 2D Teil der Zelda-Reihe gespielt, sollte man seine 500 Wiipoints wohl anders anlegen (Ich empfehle "The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past" für das Super Nintendo als bessere Alternative). Leider trüben einige Schnitzer im Gamedesign den Spielspaß.
Game Boy AdvanceLegendra (Jul 15, 2007)
Posant les bases de ce qui deviendra l’une des plus grandes sagas du jeu vidéo, The Legend of Zelda s’en sort avec les honneurs, malgré une difficulté élevée qui en énervera plus d’un. Néanmoins le défi est au rendez-vous et la durée de vie (moins de 10 heures) est doublée si vous voulez accéder à la vraie fin. Un portage qui permettra à tous ceux qui n'ont pas pu s'essayer au titre original de découvrir le premier titre d'une saga culte.
NESLegendra (Jul 15, 2007)
Posant les bases de ce qui deviendra l’une des plus grandes sagas du jeu vidéo, The Legend of Zelda s’en sort avec les honneurs, malgré une difficulté élevée qui en énervera plus d’un. Servit par une musique culte, le jeu vous propose une aventure riche et semée d'embuches. Ajouter à cela une durée de vie (moins de 10 heures) est doublée si vous voulez accéder à la vraie fin.Un jeu qui n'a pas perdu de son charme.
WiiLegendra (Jul 15, 2007)
Posant les bases de ce qui deviendra l’une des plus grandes sagas du jeu vidéo, The Legend of Zelda s’en sort avec les honneurs, malgré une difficulté élevée qui en énervera plus d’un. Néanmoins le défi est au rendez-vous et la durée de vie (moins de 10 heures) est doublée si vous voulez accéder à la vraie fin. Ce portage est toute fois assez cher (500 points Wii) alors que le jeu est disponible sur GBA et sur GameCube. Pour ceux qui n'ont aucune de ces versions.