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Legendo's The Three Musketeers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Main menu (Dutch version)
Map of France
The musketeers enjoying the wine at the local inn.
This is where the adventure begins.
This screenshot illustrates the possibilities of using a 3D engine for a traditional platform game.
Typical platform game jumping.
Barrels can be used to jump higher.
Sneaking up on a guard.
Rolling barrels coming up.
You can either jump over the barrels or crush them with your sword.
Be quick, or have your head chopped off.
Porthos always has some wine at hand.
Climbing down a ladder.
You have to pick up the key to get further in the game.
Down in the castle dungeons
Boxes can be pushed or pull to reach higher ground.
Level completed.
The count's office
Fighting a guard in the staircase.
Moving platforms.
Being attacked by an archer in the lower level of the clock tower.
Pick up a heart to get extra health.
Jumping over an axe, to reach a platform.
Fighting off a spider.
Jumping between ladders without being chopped.
High up in the clock tower
The first boss fight
Some guards just run towards you with the sword drawn.
Fighting a guard.
A guard coming around the corner.
The camera is automaticaly changed in some situations.
Jumping up to fight an archer.
Just trying to avoid the archer's arrows.
Balancing on a pipe.
An archer is waiting for me.
The game has its own rooftop level.
Fighting a soldier in the living quarters.
Jumping between chimneys.
A clock tower with a somewhat unusual construction.
Watching yourself from the enemy's position.
Game over