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Legends of Valour Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Not as good as on PC
Fist fighting on the streets
You are under arrest.
You have been found guilty.

Atari ST version

Title screen
More intro - it's not animated
Creating charecter
Dwarf woman with mustache...
Starting village
Buying equipment
The real adventure begins
Welcome friend
Another confusing part of the city
Which way to exit?
My agressive nature
The next day is coming
Fighting with city guard is bad idea
I told you!

DOS version

Logo shown when game is started
Screen for opening cinematic
Character creation (apparently a female shown)
Visit merchants before starting game
Buying equipment from the blacksmith
Main menu screen
Town shown during the day
The valuable map feature
A secret underground area
Unexpected meeting with a compassionate merchant
The villagers seem to wander at night
Late night combat with a fiend

FM Towns version

Title screen
Also sprach Zarathustra. What a load of... errr... whatever
Bug's Life has a sequel?!
Main menu
Character creation
Cool starting menu
Wine cellar
Status screen
In an inn
Not much furniture here
I'm not sure I want to go there...
This is your idea of a party?
Town at night
The map shows how large the town is

PC-98 version

Title screen
Before starting the game, make a character
and buy some equipment
Pestering this local woman with questions
The town guards love arresting people
Thrown in jail for vagrancy. I want my lawyer!
You can find work on the notice boards as well as valuable advice like this
Status screen
Trying out the local delicacies
That's totally not me, it's my evil twin
Bumped into werewolf wandering around at night, called him over with a “Hey” and asked for directions. He said to go "GRRRRRRRRRRR!"
I'm a little short on cash, will you take mushrooms and apples instead?