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GenesisGamePro (US) (Nov, 1994)
Lethal II is just as good as the original and it's new features will make it one of the hottest shooters of they ear. Are you quick and accurate enough to survive the Wild West? Well are you, pilgrim?
SEGA CDGamePro (US) (Dec, 1994)
This time, Lethal Enforcers is II much! If you're itchin' for a serious Sega CD gunfight, you're headed for a showdown with Gunfighters!
SEGA CDGame Players (Dec, 1994)
The main advantages that the Sega CD version has over the cart based versions are what you might expect: better music and more extensive use of digitized sound. You get mighty tired of 'You can't hit the broad side of a barn', but then you get to shoot the offending cowpoke, so maybe it comes out even.
80 (Jun 14, 2010)
There are only five stages total with adjustable difficulty, but Konami upped the fun factor by adding bonus stages between levels such as shooting whiskey bottles at the saloon or an old fashioned gun fight. And what would a Lethal Enforcers game be without the extra weapons? You can get 50 caliber sharps, rifles, double rigs, shotguns, Gatling guns, and cannons. With a two player option, you can't go wrong! So listen here deputy, this is one humdinger of a shooter. Go grab your six guns and mount up!
I don't know if I would recommend this game to anybody who wasn't already a Lethal Enforcers fan. Most people might just say it's more of the same. But if you can't wait to put your finger on the trigger, Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters is the game for you.
GenesisGame Players (Dec, 1994)
As light-gun games go, this is probably one of the better titles, but I can't help but wonder what the underlying implications are when we encourage our children to pick up a plastic pistol and kill digitized actors...At any rate, Lethal II is a cool game and the NRA is gonna love it.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1998)
Alas, there are a few drawbacks which bring down the score. For one, there are no new levels or additional game modes for the home version. While the five levels offer plenty of shooting action, there really should be a few more. Another gripe is that the digitized graphics are limited by the Genesis' color palette, although the animation is much improved over the original. You'll notice lightning flashing in the background sky, horses galloping and other little details. While Lethal Enforcers II doesn't bring anything substantially new to the table, it is a very solid arcade conversion that will certainly please fans of the original.
The mayhem continues, this time in the Old West. Like the first, this one is a point-and-blow-away-the-bad-guys with better sound and music than the Genesis version. However, this one is a lot harder than the first one.
This Justifier-compatible title takes the plot of the first game and drops it in the Old West. Basically, it's more aim-the-gun-and-shoot with a two-player option that comes very close to the arcade version. This sequel is a little more difficult than the first one with challenging bosses and plenty of different weapons.
GenesisMean Machines (Dec, 1994)
Limited in variety and gameplay, try one of Konami's platformers instead.
SEGA CDThe Video Game Critic (Nov 04, 2012)
Lethal Enforcers 2 is pretty impressive as these light gun titles go. The Wild West theme isn't my personal favorite, but its shooting action is right on target.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Mar 24, 2013)
If you enjoy games set in the Wild West, you can probably bump up the grade by a letter. For everyone else Lethal Enforcers 2 is an enjoyable but flawed shooting experience.
GenesisJust Games Retro (Aug 22, 2007)
The best reason to get Lethal Enforcers 2 is if you bought the original and noticed the extreme lack of software for those red and blue Justifiers. If you're a lightgun fan, this will provide some new challenges and some new scenarios. If you don't have the Justifiers, don't even bother. The game isn't strong enough to seek them out, and the control pad simply will not do, pardner.