FizzBall Ad Blurbs (Linux)

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Advertising Blurbs
    While on a well deserved vacation, Professor Fizzwizzle's investigation of a strange volcano has landed him in a Molten Mystery! Now it's up to you to master exciting new gadgets, outwit the Bat-Bots, and vanquish a truly cunning villain! Can the professor count on you to help?

    Here's what's waiting for you:

    * Over 210 levels in total! You'll find something to enjoy no matter what your skill level.

    o Just getting started? Try out the "regular" levels to learn the ropes!

    o Seasoned puzzle veteran? The "advanced" levels will be a good challenge for you!

    o Young in years, or young at heart? The "kids" levels are sure to bring a smile!

    o Need a little help? The optional tutorial levels will teach you all the tricks!

    * Easy to learn and control

    o If your fingers make a mistake, simply hit "U" to undo!

    o Want to try a different approach? Just hit "R" to restart the level!

    o Adjustable game speed settings: Play at your own pace.

    * Smooth sailing with our zero-frustration gameplay:

    o No time limits

    o The game automatically saves your progress

    o Stuck on a level? Simply ask the game to show you the solution!

    * Full featured level editor!

    o If solving puzzles isn't enough for you, try out the level editor to create your own masterpiece! o Share your levels with friends, or post them on our website for others to enjoy!

    * Amazing online high score system!

    o Find a clever short-cut puzzle solution and you'll rocket to the top of the charts!

    o Prove that you're the best puzzle solver in the world!

    * 60 day money-back guarantee!

    Contributed by Macs Black (80155) on Feb 11, 2008.