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Advertising Blurbs - Mac (World):
    Experience the drive of your life as you throw yourself around on and off the track causing fences to shatter, tyre walls explode, water tanks and barrels fly across the track into other cars. And if anyone, including you, gets caught up in a big smash sit back and watch as the driver gets catapulted through the windscreen in spectacular effect. With over 5000 destructible objects on each track and 40 deformable pieces on every car sparks are guaranteed to fly increasing the mayhem with every lap! 

    As the different races progress youíll recognise which of the AI characters are your closest rivals. How you decide to take them out is up to you, like slamming them into a bridge, stealing a lead through an alternate route or Nitro boosting your way past them in the final moments.

    And with the ever popular Rag Doll mini-games from the original FlatOut making a welcome return and better than ever with 12 Rag Doll events, a Rag Doll Championship as well as online support for Rag Dolls, FlatOut 2 is set to be the biggest, brashest and most destructive action racing game of 2008 on the Mac.

    Contributed by Zeppin (8409) on Jul 06, 2009.

Back of Case - Playstation 2 (U.S.):


    But you might want to cause a few. In these high-speed races, the more damage you inflict, the better. The ultimate in turbo-charged cars and the craziest of tracks wait for your best in destructiveness. Responsible drivers need not apply.

    • Thousands and thousands of objects to annihilate.
    • Mini-games go wild --- 12 new games now online! Hurl the driver and howl with laughter.
    • City tracks, country tracks, storm drain tracks galore!
    • Race hard and collide with up to 6 of your friends online in the souped up car of your dreams.

    Contributed by Big John WV (27237) on Feb 17, 2009. - Windows (German):
    FlatOut 2 ist ein Rennspiel der besonderen Art: Destruction Racing ist das Stichwort - der Gegner wird nicht geschont. Sogar die Umgebung wird mit in das Zerstörungs-Derby einbezogen: Mehr als 2.000 Objekte stellen die Programmierer von Bugbear dem Spieler bereit. Im Vergleich zum Vorgänger bietet FlatOut 2 mehr als doppelt so viele Fahrzeuge, mehr Strecken und einen erstklassigen Soundtrack mit bekannten Songs. Vor allem das Schadensmodell wird Fans des Genres begeistern. Mache die Spritztour Deines Lebens und rase auf oder neben der Strecke durch die Gegend. Zerstörte Zäune, geplatzte Reifen, Wassertanks und Fässer, die über die Strecke fliegen und in andere Autos krachen ... in diesem Spiel wird alles geboten. Mehr als 5000 zerstörbare Objekte auf jeder Strecke und 40 deformierbare Autoteile sorgen dafür, dass die Zerstörungsorgie von Runde zu Runde grösser wird. Dränge Deine Rivalen gegen Brückenpfeiler, fahre Abkürzungen oder schalte in letzter Sekunde den Nitro Boost ein, um an der Konkurrenz vorbeizuziehen. Du hast die Wahl.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66655) on Mar 26, 2008.

Press release (30th June 2006):


    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 30th 2006 – After months of anticipation, and in the midst of a high profile PR and Marketing campaign, FlatOut 2 arrives in the shops today on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC to the delight of racing fans everywhere.

    As well as being Empire Interactive’s largest launch of the year, FlatOut 2 is also one of the biggest and best racing games releasing anywhere on any platform in 2006 as evidenced by the critical acclaim it has received to date across all sections of the media. Complimenting this successful PR campaign, July sees a busy month of National TV advertising as the 8 months of building awareness, interest and demand continues.

    What they’ve been saying about FlatOut 2:

    “…one of the most entertaining and boisterous racing games around.”
    Official Xbox Magazine – 8/10

    “…one of the purest, most fun racers around.”
    PSW – 8/10

    “…this sequel offers an embarrassment of riches…”
    Eurogamer – 8/10

    “It’s quite honestly an astounding achievement…”
    Total Videogames – 8/10

    “FlatOut 2 is brilliantly chaotic, relentlessly quick and rammed with gaming modes to keep you at it.”
    Official PlayStation 2 Magazine – 7/10


    “…one of the most mentalist racers ever!”
    Maxim Online – 4/5

    “…this gruesome, brain-dead wonder is one of the summer’s guilty pleasures.”
    The Sunday Times – 4 Stars

    For more information on one of the most destructive, high-octane and flat-out fun racing games ever, head to

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.

Press release (16th June 2006):

    It's FlatOut Rock N' Roll As Empire interactive Unveils Blazin' All-Star Lineup For Flatout 2 Soundtrack

    Soundtrack features music by some of today's hottest bands including Wolfmother, Fallout Boy, Rob Zombie, Nickelback and Alkaline Trio

    LONDON ENGLAND (June 16th, 2006)
    – This summer is going to rock for gamers, as Empire Interactive reveals the musical lineup for the highly anticipated soundtrack to FlatOut 2, the sequel to last year’s much-acclaimed destruction racer video game FlatOut.

    Gamers and music fans can enjoy 25 slamming tracks from artists including Rob Zombie, Audioslave, Alkaline Trio and Wolfmother. Boasting a unique lineup of artists who could have only been brought together for a game that is just as rocking as their tunes, FlatOut 2 appeals to thrill seekers and rock music fans who enjoy a rush and bona fide beats. FlatOut 2 will be available in stores this July for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, XboxÒ videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.

    “Fans who are looking for an exhilarating mix of music this summer will want to turn off their radios and turn on their gaming systems,” said Ian Higgins, CEO, Empire Interactive. “We have been able to bring together the hottest names in rock n’ roll for the soundtrack to FlatOut 2.”

    The sequel to the best selling demolition racer, FlatOut 2 takes racing to the limit with numerous enhancements and additions including brand-new and much requested online multi-player modes, twice as many vehicles, additional race environments and twice the number of tracks. The mayhem continues off the track with 12 all-new Rag doll mini-games including basketball, baseball and royal flush cards, a Rag doll Championship and full online support.

    Following is a partial list of artists found in FlatOut 2: (For a complete list, as well as streaming tracks, please visit

    Alkaline Trio
    Papa Roach
    Fall Out Boy
    Rob Zombie
    Mötley Crüe

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.

Press release (2nd May 2006):

    FlatOut 2 HD trailer takes destruction to new heights & FlatOut 2 playable at E3

    2nd May 2006, Helsinki, Finland: Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. today announced the availability of the High Definition (HD) trailer for their forthcoming title FlatOut 2 slated for summer release on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC CD-ROM. FlatOut 2 is playable for the first time by general public at the E3 tradeshow in Los Angeles from 10th to 12th of May 2006 at the Nordic booth (West hall, booth #2352).

    With the sales of FlatOut closing in on the one million mark FlatOut has firmly established itself as a top action racing title on consoles and PC. Previews of FlatOut 2, slated for release this summer, have highlighted the games leading physics engine, unparalled destruction, highly addictive racing and humorous ragdoll stunt events. FlatOut 2 is now ready for primetime! The game hits the E3 showfloor and is playable for the first time by the general public, press and trade.

    FlatOut 2 is playable at the Nordic Booth (West Hall, booth #2352) during the E3 tradeshow from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th of May 2006.

    Positioned as the most destructive action racing game on the consoles and PC, FlatOut 2's unique strengths and leading physics engine are amazingly higlighted in the FlatOut 2 HD trailer now available at Bugbear's website. Composed of pure in-game footage the trailer shows for real where the state of the art is with racing games and delivers a punch like no other racer!

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.

Press release (18th February 2006):

    Maximum Fun & Carnage As FlatOut Wrecks Its Way Back Onto Your PS2, Xbox And PC

    LONDON, ENGLAND, February 18th 2006 – As worldwide sales of FlatOut crash through the 800,000 mark, the sequel to the much acclaimed destruction racer is set to accelerate its way on to PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this May in the nitrous charged form of FlatOut 2, courtesy of Bugbear Entertainment and Empire Interactive, one of the UK's leading independent game publishers.

    Featuring an enhanced version of the original's lauded physics engine and even faster driving track designs, FlatOut 2 also boasts a plethora of improvements, enhancements and additions to make this the definitive FlatOut experience. Twice as many vehicles, a more sophisticated career mode, additional race environments, double the number of tracks; twice as many mini-games along with brand new and much requested online multiplayer modes are just some of the exhaustive features that are included in FlatOut 2.

    Wreck hard in this action racer to earn the ultimate honour of being the dirtiest in the gravel, the deadliest on the race track and the meanest around the streets.

    With over 5,000 fully destructible objects on every track as well as 40 deformable parts on each vehicle, physical interaction in a racing game is taken to unprecedented heights with the destructive element influencing players racing tactics like no other driving game on the market. With a greater emphasis placed on causing destruction on the track by offering greater rewards, game play will be even more frantic than ever. Drivers will need to tear into competitors' cars, trash the local scenery thereby littering the track with all manner of obstacles. All in the attempt to wreck their opponents race enabling the collection of maximum performance and cash bonuses, while at the same time trying to concentrate on their own race in a bid to cross the line first.

    And with the ever popular Rag Doll mini-games from the original FlatOut making a welcome return and better than ever with 12 Rag Doll events, a Rag Doll Championship as well as online support for Rag Dolls, FlatOut 2 is set to be the biggest, brashest and most destructive action racing game of 2006.

    Game Features
    • The inclusion of an enhanced Championship Mode. Multiple cups across increasing difficultly levels, each cup contains a series of races that the player competes in for accumulated totals of money and points.

    • Online multiplayer modes for all formats, the PS2 and PC versions for the very first time! Up to 6 player on PS2 and 8 player on Xbox and PC

    • Offline Multiplayer modes on all formats via split screen for up to 4 players

    • Improved physics engine for an even greater racing feel

    • Drive at eye watering speeds on the fast tracks with extra nitro boost rewards

    • Improved opponent AI. Each AI driver now has their own character, biography and individual driving personalities

    • Unlockable bonus items for the first time including bonus cars, Championship Cups and Destruction Arenas.

    • Set in the US (the original was set in Europe)

    • 34 vehicles as opposed to the original games' 16

    • Additional car types including Muscle cars, Sports cars, Pickup Trucks and Compacts (the original only contained Muscle cars)

    • The inclusion of a garage for the first time to allow the owning of multiple vehicles

    • Increased number of race environments including Big City, LA Storm Drains, Rocky Mountain Forest, Corn Fields and Desert

    • 60 track combinations over the originals' 36

    • Alternate track routes included for the first time and the AI use them.

    • Twice as many Destruction Derby Arenas (six as opposed to the originals' 3)

    • Twice as many Rag Doll Mini Games (12 compared to the originals' 6)

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.

Press release (13th October 2005):

    More Mayhem Destruction and Chaos as FlatOut 2 is announced for 2006

    As sales of FlatOut crash through the 600,000 mark and look to top 1,000,000 units, Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment have announced that FlatOut 2 will be released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC CD-ROM in the 1st half of 2006.

    Destruction racing at it's most extreme; the enhanced Crash TrueT game engine increases the interaction between cars and environments to set up the wildest crashes ever seen in a game. The peerless physics create an astonishing driving feel with the sheer fun of causing chaos all around.

    And FlatOut 2 gives even more rewards to cause as much damage as possible to compete against rivals.

    The reckless Rag Doll stunts will be back with a more advanced scoring system and an improved launch mechanic. Experience hours of bone-breaking fun, this time featuring 12 all new crazy events to punish your driver in the expanded Rag Doll Championship and online Rag Doll play.

    As well as challenging your survival driving skills through the new Championship mode to win cups in increasingly tough races, FlatOut 2 features support for up to eight players online with Xbox Live or PC and 6 players with PlayStation 2 Online all with voice communication.

    With more destructible objects than any racing game, cash bonuses and nitro will be awarded for all damage done in the game, whether it is to other drivers or to the 2000+ breakable objects present on every track. And of course FlatOut 2 wouldn't be complete without all new manic Demolition Arenas for anyone looking to live dangerously, earn extra money for upgrades and destroy the careers of wannabe champions.

    Looks like 2006 will be the year when drivers get to fully understand what it means to drive FLATOUT!

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.

Press release (11th July 2005):

    Vivendi Universal Games And Empire Interactive Sign Exclusive North American Distribution Agreement For FlatOut™ 2

    LONDON AND LOS ANGELES – July 11, 2005 - Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) and Empire Interactive (Empire), a U.K. computer games developer and publisher listed on AIM, today announced an exclusive agreement by which VU Games will market and distribute in North America, Empire's multi-platform destructive racing game FlatOut™ 2.

    FlatOut 2, one of Empire's key frontline titles, builds on the success of the first installment, also distributed in North America by VU Games. Developed by the award-winning Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment, FlatOut 2 is an over-the-top racing game where players experience the drive of their lives as they race around fully destructible environments in one of 16 fully customizable and upgradeable cars. FlatOut 2 is expected to launch in 2006 on Sony PlayStation®2, Microsoft Xbox® and PC.

    "We are very thrilled about FlatOut 2 with its revolutionary physics and great gameplay," said Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire. "Teaming up with VU Games was a natural decision and we anticipate the title to be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic."

    "We are excited to continue our successful relationship with Empire Interactive with the newly signed distribution agreement for FlatOut 2," said Philip W. O'Neil, Chief Operating Officer and President of North America for Vivendi Universal Games.

    FlatOut is scheduled to hit North American retail shelves this month, and is available for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox videogame system from Microsoft and the PC.

    Contributed by Sciere (619667) on Jul 05, 2006.