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Giana's Return Credits (Linux)

Giana's Return Linux Dedicated to Armin Gessert, programmer of the original Great Giana Sisters


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Giana's Return Credits


Main CoderRodolphe Boixel (Thor)
Project OrganizationShahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Level DesignShahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Graphics ArtworkJane S. Mumford (Jayne), Adam Karol (Wizzard), Simon Butler, Virgile Metier (tHUG), Christian Hildenbrand (DayDream)
MusicAlexander Oldemeier (Operator), David Wuttke (AM-FM)
Beta TestingDenny Müller (Mulle)
Linux PortersRodolphe Boixel (Thor), Anthony Staude (Slaanesh)
In Memory ofArmin Gessert (1963-2009)

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