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Little Computer People Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

House on a disk
The little guy moves in
And writes me a letter
Sleeping while his dog roams the house
Playing the card game War
Playing anagrams

Apple II version

Day in a life of "Frank Stein"...
...on the first day, settle in!
Hungry? Grab something to eat...
...or read the newspaper.
Use the computer...
...or type a letter just for you!
Hanging on the telephone...
...or a nifty head massage!
Dinner time...
...television entertainment.
Fancy a game?
...card wars, nothing like it!
A piano maestro?
Teeth brushing for that extra fresh breath!
Playing poker.

Atari ST version

Setup page
The man walks up the stairs
Entering a command
That dog looks bored downstairs
My LCP is eating.
What game do you want to play?
Playing poker.
Playing blackjack.
My LCP is playing on the piano.
LCP writes a letter - apparently he is a party animal!

Commodore 64 version

Beginning another session
First session, waiting for a new inhabitant
A little computer guy taking a look at his new home
He seems to like it and is bringing his stuff in
He's brought a dog and is now typing a letter for me
He's playing piano
He's not listening ...
... you should always be friendly to your computer people
He wants to play a game
Playing Card War
Playing Anagrams
Reading the newspaper
Answering the phone
Working out!
My LCP is sick!
Playing Poker.

PC-88 version

Title screen

ZX Spectrum version

What you get on a 48K Spectrum
Loading screen proper