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iPadApp Spy (Feb 01, 2013)
Ultimately, Little Inferno isn't going to set the world on fire - the gameplay amounts to what is essentially a special effects show, and the story (while still lighthearted and fun) isn't as deep as it would like to think it is. However, it's 2-3 hours well spent as you explore, experiment and generally have a fun time... and really, that's what gaming should be all about.
iPadTouch Arcade (Feb 06, 2013)
You may get the sense that Little Inferno walks a fine line between satirizing our gaming habits and revelling in them. If you take it lightly, it works. Give it serious thought and you might find a bit of hypocrisy buried between the lines, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a game that sticks with you. I've spent hundreds of hours gaming in front of my iPad, but the three I spent with Little Inferno have been some of the most thought-provoking. Tomorrow Corporation asks the big questions about games, life and flammability. It also lets you burn things. All the things. Frankly, that's good too.
iPadSlide to Play (Feb 11, 2013)
Skirting the line between crazy virtual toy and surprising puzzle game, Little Inferno won’t be a hit with everyone. It’s just too weird and the game play too simplistic– especially at first. For those who do get it, it’s a truly creative and engaging virtual fireplace. The developing plot is funny, creepy, and clever. There’s a lot of fun to be had finding strange combinations of things to burn, and the sheer variety of items available to burn is impressive. For those with a darker sense of humor who enjoy offbeat surprises, Little Inferno is a real treat.
Wii (Dec 04, 2012)
Little Inferno is a spectacular title and certainly one that Wii U and PC gamers alike should give a look. It features a seemingly simple story, at first, but it gets more complicated and intriguing as the game progresses. The gameplay is addicting, fun and becomes more sophisticated than first glance. Little Inferno’s graphics are charming and beautiful while containing excellent sound design and music. The game ends up doing plenty of things extremely well; in addition, it has an uplifting and cathartic ending that has a great sense of whimsy and wonder. Little Inferno is well worth the price of admission.
iPad148apps (Feb 01, 2013)
Little Inferno won’t take long to reach its inevitable conclusion provided players burn all the things at a steady pace. However it’s the puzzle-like combos and the funny, sometimes freaky, reactions objects have to fire that should keep them coming back even after unlocking the final catalog. Whether or not they’ll feel like they need a shower after all is said and done is another matter entirely.
Wii UNintendoWorldReport (Nov 22, 2012)
So is Little Inferno a game? I'd wager that it doesn't even matter. Adopting the rigid structure of a more traditional game would do more harm than good in its case. Little Inferno is terrific the way it is, and doesn't need to conform just to fit inside a box. In the end, it’s enough to just snuggle up around the fire and keep it well fed.
LinuxSoftpedia (Jun 28, 2013)
If you liked playing with matches when you were a kid, Little Inferno will be your perfect cup of tea. If you get passed the silly graphics, the game is actually targeted at an adult audience. If it hadn't been for the very short gameplay time and the close-to-zero replay value, Little Inferno could have made a real impact.
iPhoneSpazio Games (Feb 05, 2013)
Little Inferno era già un gran titolo alla sua uscita su PC e Wii U e lo è ancora adesso che è sbarcato su App Store. Originale, rilassante, unico, bello da vedere. Più che un gioco come siamo abituati a considerarlo, un'esperienza visiva e tattile unica nel suo genere, che tra l'altro riserva molte più sorprese a livello di longevità e sfida di quanto si possa credere a una prima occhiata distratta. Costa anche poco e la conversione per iPad è ben fatta. Potrà non piacere a tutti, ma gli amanti dell'originalità in salsa indie devono assolutamente provarlo.
Wii UGame Informer Magazine (Dec 06, 2012)
Little Inferno is unlike any game I’ve played. It has a big heart that blends perfectly with its dark tones and simple gameplay scope. Days removed from playing it, I’m still thinking about it. I’m recommending it to my friends who love Braid, Unfinished Swan, and Journey. I’m telling my coworkers it’s one of the nicest surprises of the year. It’s one of those games that breaks free from standard video game conventions. Play it, discuss it, and enjoy it. I sure did.
MacintoshChrist Centered Game Reviews (Mar 07, 2014)
All in all, Little Inferno is an odd, interesting game. While an idle waste of time for a brief period, it is mercifully short, and leaves you with little incentive to go back. Ironically, this may have been what the developers intended when they created the game in the first place.
Wii (Dec 09, 2012)
„Little Inferno“ gehört zu den Titeln, über die man sich stundenlang streiten kann, was wahrscheinlich daran liegt, dass es sich in keinster Weise zu den konventionellen Spielen zählen lässt. Was sich jedoch nicht abstreiten lässt, ist das unglaublich simple, aber doch fesselnde Gameplay und die düstere, liebevolle Präsentation. Nach den in etwa vier Stunden Spielzeit erhält der Spieler zudem ein Ende, das man so nicht erwartet hätte. Dass Spielzeuge verbrennen für 14,99 Euro so viel Spaß machen kann, hätte vor „Little Inferno“ wohl niemand gedacht.
Wii (Dec 05, 2012)
Det er i det heile noko svært avslappande ved Little Inferno. Kanskje handlar det litt om at ein ikkje kan tape, men minst like mykje trur eg det handlar om at det å brenne ting gjer godt for psyken. Det er noko ved det å berre stire inn i flammen som gir ro i sjela. Og så er det noko ved det å slenge ei miniatombombe inn i brannen, slik at alt av oske og kol som hadde samla seg opp der inne blir borte som dogg for sola, som berre ropar ut: «Katarsis!»
Wii UGod is a Geek (Dec 03, 2012)
It might not last you much more than 3-5 hours, but Little Inferno is a joyous experience full of charm and wit, and it’s cheap too, whichever platform you buy it on. Whatever you end up thinking of it, you won’t be able to put it down, and it’ll more than likely stay with you for a while too.
Wii UBlogCritics Magazine (Jan 15, 2013)
Like many indie games, Little Inferno doesn’t take players on a grand adventure; rather, this game offers a little slice of a much larger picture. It is a dark picture that you’ll only discover by actually reading the letters from Miss Nancy, Sugar Lumps, and the Weather Man. For that reason, many people will either dislike intensely or just won’t get this game inspired by the Christmas Yule Log. Little Inferno is most likely to be regarded as a guilty pleasure for partially reformed pyromaniacs, like myself. The revelations of the bleak world in which the game takes place are the only lasting reward for completing it, though the game will have you secretly laughing at a number of the incinerations.
80 (UK) (Nov 27, 2012)
Little Inferno's a weird game, all told - not just because of the unusual objective, but because of the way it's mastered the very things that I suspect its designers hate. Its central mechanic is truly empty and truly compulsive, and yet the barest, most devastatingly mindless circuit of its interactions is redeemed by the wonderful art and the sly imagination on display. You'll burn stuff because you have to in order to advance the plot, and because it's the only outlet the designers have given you. You'll also burn stuff because it's so much fun, however: it's so richly rewarding to experiment with different fireplace load-outs, to watch as teddy bears, tiki heads, sunglasses and even house bricks go up in bright, energetic flames. Sometimes, it's not the burning that counts, then. It's what you're burning - and how it makes you feel as you bask in the sooty glow that emanates from your hearth.
WindowsHonestGamers (Nov 19, 2012)
On one hand, it’s a little disappointing that a company with such a strong puzzle background decided to make a toy instead of a puzzle game. On the other hand, it’s a pretty interesting toy with a great atmosphere and a story that may actually make you think. (More ambivalence! How meta.) Don’t play Little Inferno if you’re looking for something in the family of World of Goo in gameplay terms (aesthetics are a different story, though, since both games share a similar style). It has more in common with The Unfinished Swan and Dear Esther than Henry Hatsworth. Little Inferno is something you should play if you appreciate weirdness and humour, with a well-crafted atmosphere… no matter how unsettling it can sometimes be.
Wii UJoystiq (Nov 21, 2012)
You might think that Little Inferno sounds boring, but even though it willfully and intentionally wastes your time, it's not a waste of time itself. The creepy atmosphere, the single-minded focus on extremely minimal actions, and the mocking self-awareness all contribute to a deft statement on games and how we play them. And even though it gleefully wastes our time, it doesn't waste too much of it – it might take you a few hours to complete, even with a healthy bit of screwing around.
Wii UNintendo Life (Nov 26, 2012)
Little Inferno is a surprising game. It's surprising both for the simplicity of its concept ("burn things"), and for the fact that such a coherent and lovingly crafted experience has been built around that idea. It's also surprisingly different from what we traditionally think of as a game, and because of that, it isn't for everyone. But players drawn to the flame will find a fun, funny, and even moving experience in Little Inferno. It's a lot like setting some of the game's more spectacularly flammable objects ablaze, actually; a fast burn, but beautiful while it lasts.
WindowsHooked Gamers (Dec 04, 2012)
Little Inferno might not sound like much of an actual game, at least in the usual sense. In fact it could be viewed more as a toy, much like those that you are burning in the fireplace. You can play around with it for an hour and not really achieve anything, but it still feels as though you are having fun. It only does one thing, but it does it well, and there are enough hints at the story to keep you going to the end. There is not much beyond this for a hardcore gamer, but for any secret pyromaniacs out there, Little Inferno will certainly ignite your passion, and it is a lot safer than the real thing.
Wii UNintendojo (Dec 04, 2012)
People burn symbols like flags and books to demonstrate dissent, but what does it mean to burn a Handheld Fireplace in a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace? Spare an afternoon and fifteen dollars and you might find out. You can treat Little Inferno like a bedtime story or a three-hour movie, but remember that at its heart, Little Inferno is a game about games. It will make you think about what you do in games, the purpose of games, and the future of games, so sit tight, think hard, and keep burning those toys.
Nintendo SwitchSwitch Player (Apr 13, 2017)
It's charming, and definitely an experience. It features explosive gameplay of sorts, but not what you'd expect. Little Inferno isn't for everyone, but for those looking for something different - and who just want to waste a little time, or watch the world burn (figuratively speaking) - you could certainly find something to enjoy.
Wii UFNintendo (Dec 05, 2012)
Little Inferno é interessante de explorar e difícil de definir. Não será um titulo para agradar à maioria, mas é uma experiência peculiar que se não vos cativar de imediato dificilmente o fará mais tarde. Único, tanto a nível visual como sonoro, com uma mística descomprometida e intransmissível que só alguns conseguirão captar. É repetitivo a curto prazo, termina-se em poucas horas e nem se pode considerar um jogo de puzzle na sua essência, é antes uma aplicação que apenas existe para despertar curiosidade. Recomendar o jogo sem o experimentarem primeiro é arriscado, mas se o puderem fazer não percam a oportunidade. Little Inferno é diferente e pode até ser esquisito para alguns, mas ainda bem que assim é.
iPadModojo (Feb, 2013)
As a toy, rather than a game, there's no denying that Little Inferno's sandbox is a satisfying one that will entertain for a time. But in hammering home its message just a little too forcefully, it also lacks a certain amount of graceful bite, and as a result it doesn't quite touch the greatness it might otherwise have achieved.
iPadPocket Gamer UK (Jan 31, 2013)
Little Inferno is a smart and subversive work of art that pokes fun at freemium games. But its dedication to the joke often hurts the fun little physics toy at the core
iPadMacLife (Feb 04, 2013)
While the allure of setting fires cools off before long, the engaging style, story, and puzzle elements make for an enticing experience.
Wii UMag'64 (Jan 13, 2013)
"Little Inferno" ist ein außergewöhnliches Erlebnis, welches zweifellos weitab der üblichen Norm liegt. Es ist ein Titel, der polarisiert und unterschiedliche Reaktionen hervorruft, der manche durch seine Originalität, seinen Charme und seinen Humor regelrecht vor den Fernseher fesselt und bei anderen wiederum nur ungläubiges Kopfschütteln hervorbringt. Eine gewisse Offenheit gegenüber neuen und unüblichen Spielkonzepten ist somit eine Grundvoraussetzung, um bei diesem eigenwilligen und ungewöhnlichen Experiment tatsächlich Spaß am "Spielen" zu entwickeln. Bei nüchterner und objektiver Betrachtung muss allerdings die im Großen und Ganzen recht monotone Spielmechanik sowie die allgemein kurze Spielzeit kritisiert werden, sodass eine allgemeine Empfehlung unsererseits für alle interessierten Wii U-Besitzer nur sehr schwer fällt.
Wii UWiiloveit (Jan 03, 2013)
Little Inferno is almost impossible to review, period. Anything I say that would definitely sell you on the game would ruin part of the magic for you. However, if you are a patient person who is also looking for a beautiful story that is woven throughout performing a rather silly task, or are just a pyromaniac, ignore the below score: the game is for you.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (Jan 08, 2013)
And then, when you’re all done, what’s there left to do? There’s not much of a reason to play it after you’ve beaten it. Once you’ve set fire to all of the things, all that’s left is to fill out the checklist of combos. And once that’s done, there’s just the never changing fireplace and your catalogs of toys. They may burn brightly, explode in variable screams, changing the colors of the flames into something truly radiant. Then the flames die out, and there’s nothing left to do but buy more toys and set them on fire again. And again. And again.
WindowsGamesRadar (Nov 26, 2012)
The puzzle elements, albeit light and nonsensical, are fun and imaginative. Burning different items together in hopes of unlocking new combos is, in a weird, sadistic way, somewhat soothing, as is watching the well-modeled objects slowly turn to pieces as the fire immolates. Though it’s a little too short and a little too expensive, the mostly unseen world outside the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is charming and impressive, and absolutely worth experiencing.
Wii UIndius (Nov 18, 2012)
Une très bonne expérience, une oeuvre, un bijou, c'est comme vous le sentez. Il n'en reste pas moins que Little Inferno est un excellent cru, mais vous procurera un grand sentiment d'incomplétude. Vous serez satisfait, mais pas rassasié. On en veut encore, et nous pouvons que croiser les doigts pour que la suite des évènements vienne ajouter du contenu au titre. Je ne peux que le conseiller, mais suis forcé de préciser qu'il n'en est qu'à ses débuts. Dans tous les cas, si la durée de vie était équivalente à celle de World of Goo par exemple, je n'aurais presque rien eu à lui reprocher et un beau 18/20 ornerait le bas de cette page.
WindowsIndius (Nov 18, 2012)
Une très bonne expérience, une oeuvre, un bijou, c'est comme vous le sentez. Il n'en reste pas moins que Little Inferno est un excellent cru, mais vous procurera un grand sentiment d'incomplétude. Vous serez satisfait, mais pas rassasié. On en veut encore, et nous pouvons que croiser les doigts pour que la suite des évènements vienne ajouter du contenu au titre. Je ne peux que le conseiller, mais suis forcé de préciser qu'il n'en est qu'à ses débuts. Dans tous les cas, si la durée de vie était équivalente à celle de World of Goo par exemple, je n'aurais presque rien eu à lui reprocher et un beau 18/20 ornerait le bas de cette page.
Wii UOfficial Nintendo Magazine (Jan 03, 2013)
More physics toybox than game, Little Inferno manages to be both enjoyably mad and annoyingly maddening. Wait to snap it up in an eShop fire sale.
Wii UNintendo Difference (Apr 06, 2013)
Expérience vidéoludique pour le moins singulière, Little Inferno risque de laisser de marbre bon nombre de joueurs. Avec un concept obscur, un gameplay répétitif et attentiste, un prix un peu élevé et une durée de vie à première vue assez faible, le jeu est loin d’être une tuerie ludique. Toutefois, ceux qui auront le courage de persévérer découvriront un titre plutôt addictif, bourré de références et bénéficiant d’une esthétique de qualité. En prime, et à condition de prendre un peu de recul, ils auront même l’occasion de réfléchir à quelques questions existentielles, ce qui n’est finalement pas si courant dans un jeu vidéo.
Wii UIGN (Nov 26, 2012)
It’s just such a gamble, though, that I can’t readily recommend this. Little Inferno looks nice, tells a unique story and will perhaps be seen by some as a triumph in experimental design. But it’s not really a video game, so feel free to forget this freaky fireplace.
Wii UGamegravy (Jul 28, 2013)
Overall, the puzzle elements are clever and keep you coming back for more. There is about 4 to 6 hours of gameplay, which to me for this particular genre is perfect. It never feels like it is getting stale or boring which it a good thing. For what it is, I would recommend the game, but just don’t expect more then a burning simulation puzzle game.
60 (Nov 22, 2012)
Little Inferno ist ein charmanter Arcade-Puzzler mit einem interessanten Storytelling-Ansatz. Es riecht aufgrund der skurrilen Gegenstände und witzigen Erzählweise ein wenig nach LittleBigPlanet, so dass man sich in der ersten Stunde neugierig vorwärts heizt, während man in Katalogen stöbert und mit einer bizarren Nachbarin kommuniziert. Aber dann bemerkt man, dass einem trotz der Eiseskälte in der Welt nicht passieren kann, dass weder Kamin noch Wohnung gefährdet sind, dass es zu wenig Rätselanspruch gibt und dass es eher um das atmosphärische Erlebnis geht. Allerdings will das explosive Arcade- & Freischalt-Prinzip nicht so richtig zu dieser metaphorischen Ebene passen, die nur in Ansätzen für emotionale Bindung, erzählerische Überraschungen und etwas Nachdenklichkeit sorgt. Kaum war ich neugierig und hatte keine Lust mehr, weitere Gegenstände auszuprobieren, weil das Verheizen so beliebig wirkte, war das Spiel nach knapp drei Stunden auch schon vorbei. War das alles, Leute?
Wii UGamezGeneration (Jan 26, 2013)
Little Inferno ist wohl zunächst nur ein Titel für hartgesotten Fans der Indie-Spiele, da der Preis für die kurze Spielzeit von drei Stunden viel zu hoch ist. Die Kurzgeschichte, welche den Rahmen für das Spiel bietet, ist zwar mit Humor regelrecht gefüllt, aber das tröstet leider nicht darüber hinweg, dass schon früh während des Spielens die Langeweile überhand nimmt und man sich nur noch schnell durch das Spiel klicken will. Sollte der Preis jedoch irgendwann auf einem akzeptablen Niveau liegen, so könnte man durchaus darüber nachdenken, seinen Abend mit diesem Spiel vor dem “Kamin” ausklingen zu lassen.
60 (Feb 16, 2013)
For selv om Little Inferno makter å si noe om Facebook- og mobilspill, og hvordan vi bruker vår tid på disse, er det vanskelig å komme unna at utvikler Tomorrow Corporation går i samme felle selv. Kombinasjonsgåtene er spennende en stund, men blir litt labre i lengden. Man blir for ofte sittende og kjede seg, og det som driver en fremover er uvissheten om hvordan gulroten på enden av pinnen smaker.
Wii (Dec 19, 2012)
A daring experiment in minimalist gameplay and storytelling, although that doesn’t forgive the repetition and high price tag.
Wii (Dec 03, 2012)
Kaum war ich neugierig und hatte keine Lust mehr, weitere Gegenstände auszuprobieren, weil das Verheizen so beliebig wirkte, war das Spiel nach knapp drei Stunden auch schon vorbei. War das alles, Leute? Angesichts der Klasse von World of Goo wirkt Little Inferno wie eine kreative, aber nicht zu Ende gedachte Fingerübung. Zudem vermisst man weitere Spielmodi oder kooperative Ansätze mit dem Wii U-Gamepad, das lediglich als alternativer Bildschirm genutzt werden kann. Für die Mittagspause und kleine Feuerteufel trotzdem ein unterhaltsamer Snack.
Wii (Dec 11, 2012)
Au GamePad sur Wii U comme à la souris sur PC, Little Inferno reste décidément toujours aussi mou et limité. A moins d'être désespérément en manque de production indépendante décalée, on évitera donc de télécharger au prix fort cette curiosité vidéoludique à bien des égards décevante.
WindowsEdge (Nov 27, 2012)
There’s a joke being played in Little Inferno, and we’re not quite sure who’s the butt of it. Social games get satirised via both flavour text and mechanics, since you’re forced to wait minutes for your deliveries to arrive, unless you pay in-game stamps to speed things up. But at times it seems like you’re being mocked for choosing digital coal shovelling over the real world. There’s enough charm here for Little Inferno to get by, but sometimes you might consider taking its advice and stop feeding the flames.
60 (Nov 22, 2012)
Bien trop limité en termes de gameplay, Little Inferno fait partie de ces ovnis vidéoludiques que l'on essaiera par curiosité avant de retourner à des jeux plus conventionnels certes, mais certainement bien plus amusants.
Nintendo SwitchVideo Chums (Mar 20, 2017)
Little Inferno's minimalist gameplay makes for an incredibly dull dynamic. Although its anti-game premise benefits from this tedium, it still remains an overall short experience that unfortunately fails to bring the heat.
Wii UNintendo Master (Dec 20, 2012)
Little Inferno est loin d'être déplaisant au premier abord : il est très agréable à l'oeil et sa narration, quoique déconstruite, est bien amenée. Mais autant de qualités ne pèsent finalement pas bien lourd face à un gameplay inexistant. Et dans un jeu vidéo, malgré toute l'ouverture d'esprit dont on pourra faire preuve, le manque est à la fois flagrant et punitif. Du coup, si la fin du jeu se révèle surprenante, elle nécessitera au préalable entre trois et cinq heures d'ennui devant une cheminée glaciale. Une condition sans doute nécessaire pour comprendre la portée de l’½uvre, mais celle-ci demeure malheureusement un peu trop chère pour que de jolies flammes suffisent à la justifier. A quinze euros, Little Inferno reste alors un titre un peu fade dont les prétentions poétiques et intellectuelles sont gâchées par un intérêt ludique proche du néant.
iPadTouchGen (Feb 28, 2013)
Tomorrow Corporation offer some incentive with original puzzles, eccentric toys and a compelling story. Unfortunately, excessively guided puzzles and flirtations with freemium-like mechanisms harm the core of the game. Little Inferno shines softly with originality and cuteness but never moves beyond this. As a more luxurious variation of Doodle God ($ 0,99), the game falls short and is not worth the hefty price tag. With all the tapping at coins and waiting, I can’t help but wonder: could Little Inferno have turned out better as a freemium game?
WindowsIGN UK (Nov 26, 2012)
Initially it’s a pleasure to burn every item I receive in Little Inferno. The flash that signals ignition, the way items respond to being incinerated – it all activates some primal part of my brain that can sit in front of a camp fire for hours, sinking deep into my head as I watch the fingers of the flames. The vague story and uninspired puzzles weren’t special enough to keep my attention after that initial sense of awe waned, though, and when viewed alongside some annoying constraints that make the gameplay feel unnecessarily constrained, Little Inferno’s few great ideas fall apart like so much ash.
Wii UGamekult (Dec 11, 2012)
Si le principe de World of Goo et celui de Henry Hatsworth avaient su séduire, leurs créateurs réunis n'ont pas su insuffler le même savoir-faire dans Little Inferno. Ce conte étrange est malheureusement desservi par un gameplay trop simpliste et une durée de vie bien trop réduite. On tourne très vite en rond, on manque de surprises et d'imprévu, mais aussi d'un peu de challenge. Finalement, Little Inferno n'est qu'un feu de paille et brûle toutes ses cartouches bien trop vite. On s'ennuierait presque autant que devant un vrai feu de cheminée.