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Press release (16th January 2002):

    Every football gamer has opinions - make 'em count with LMA Manager 2002 coming soon on PlayStation 2.

    Making 4-4-2 as easy as 1-2-3, LMA Manager 2002* is set to broaden its appeal to all football gamers when it comes to PlayStation 2 in April.

    Everyone thinks they can run their favourite team better than the real manager and LMA Manager 2002 gives gamers the chance to put their opinions and tactics to the test.

    Designed from the ground up for the PlayStation 2's audience of console gamers, LMA Manager 2002 is being created as universally accessible for every football fan but with depth to satisfy the toughest managers. It's also features every European team, strip and player in the 2001/2002 football season.

    Says Simon Prytherch, head of one of Codemasters' internal studios and producer of the LMA series.

    "The LMA games are acclaimed as the greatest football management series for the PlayStation, and now as it comes to PlayStation 2 we want to build on that and produce something that every football fan wants to play. The management aspects will be as good as ever, but it will have the look and feel PlayStation 2 gamers expect from today's best software."

    Dispensing with the standard management game furniture such as dull columns of text and figures, LMA Manager 2002 introduces a fresh design, intuitive control and dynamic presentation of information and statistics.

    LMA Manager 2002 also boasts the most realistic and atmospheric 3D match seen in any management game with improved player intelligence, dazzling PlayStation 2 graphics, immersive sound and action replays.

    A detailed TV-style highlights section allows you to review the important match action with in-depth analysis and comments from the classic team of Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.

    "We're giving the players all the atmosphere, tension and excitement of managing your team from the dugout," says Simon "and of course this new game gives players absolute control over any of the English, Scottish, Italian, German, Spanish or French league football clubs.

    "The armchair football fan might find a football action game a bit too hectic but would love a game that has the presentation and depth of their favourite TV programme. If you regularly watch the football on Saturday morning TV then this game is for you. You always thought you could do better than your club's manager, here's your chance to prove it."

    Over the past three years LMA Manager has become one of the best selling PlayStation-exclusive video game brands. LMA Manager 2002 takes the series to an incredible pan-European level in April 2002 when it launches on PlayStation 2.

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Press release (13th November 2001):

    Codemasters lines up Lineker for LMA Manager 2002 on PlayStation 2

    November 13 2001: Codemasters is set to propel LMA Manager 2002*, due on PlayStation 2 in April 2002, into the mainstream mindset with the signing of Gary Lineker, one of football's most famous faces and Match of the Day host, to feature extensively in the game.

    Mirroring televised football coverage, the exclusive and global deal sees Lineker joining Alan Hansen as presenter for the all-new game. Work completed already includes a three-day recording session with them both.

    Lineker and Hansen will lead LMA Manager 2002's match coverage with an incredibly detailed TV-style presentation of highlights, enabling players to review the pan-European action and listen to the in-depth views and comments from the pair.

    Says Simon Prytherch, producer of the LMA series and head of Codemasters' HooDoo studio:

    "As we continue to develop the title as the essential PlayStation 2 game for every football fan, signing Gary to join Alan as the voices of LMA Manager 2002 is a real coup for us. Their inimitable style of match analysis will enhance the experience for players as they hear what Lineker and Hansen make of their management tactics.

    LMA Manager 2002 is due on PlayStation 2 in April 2002

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Press release (9th October 2001):

    It's yours - every player, every club, and every stadium as LMA Manager 2002 goes pan-European on PlayStation 2

    October 9th 2001: The challenge of being a top-class football manager goes European as Codemasters confirms that LMA Manager 2002* is to be the first pan-European football management title on PlayStation 2.

    Rather than featuring just the English and Scottish leagues of the UK PlayStation 1 version, LMA Manager 2002 opens up the whole of Europe giving players absolute management control over any of the English, Scottish, Italian, German, Spanish or French league football clubs.

    With the game due in the spring of 2002, your management universe expands to over 17,000 authentic players in 722 clubs across 28 countries throughout Europe. Each of the 722 clubs will have their own stadium and home, away and goalkeeper strips

    Designed from the ground up for the PlayStation 2 and its audience, LMA Manager 2002 will also be the console's first football management game to feature every European team, strip and player in the 2001/2002 football season. Additionally, the game will include larger 32-player squads and a vastly bigger pan-European transfer market, yet the game remains as easy to use and navigate as ever.

    A key advancement for the PlayStation 2 edition, is the player's ability to view what's happening with any player or club in any of the six major European leagues, which all run concurrently. Players can get information on any individual club's performance in any of the countries enabling the player to scout for international talent or even take a job as club manager in any of those countries.

    Bringing the management experience to life, LMA Manager 2002 also features the most realistic and atmospheric 3D match action seen in any management game. Now with improved player Artificial Intelligence, dazzling PlayStation graphics and complete with scoreboard action replays of all the goals, the action sequences capture the atmosphere of every manager's match day.

    Says Simon Prytherch, producer of the LMA series and head of Codemasters' HooDoo studio: "Following on from the incredible run on PSone, LMA Manager 2002 on PlayStation 2 will again put us top of the league. We have created a game that exceeds expectations and makes football management accessible to every football fan."

    Codemasters will publish LMA Manager 2002 for PlayStation 2 in the spring of 2002.

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Press release (9th August 2001):


    9th AUGUST 2001

    Fat Boy Slim's "Going out of My Head" will be stirring up the fans in the PlayStation terraces soon as it becomes the theme for "LMA Manager 2002", the fully updated edition of Codemasters' No.1 chart topping football management game for PlayStation (PS one).

    Due on PlayStation this October, LMA Manager 2002 delivers the whole new 2001/2002 English and Scottish football seasons complete with updated statistics for every player, the new team strips and all the transfers from the summer break for the 340 featured European clubs.

    With a RRP of just £19.99, the 2002 update retains the award-winning graphics and gameplay mechanics of the 2001 edition, but has been enhanced for speed of play. Improved loading times make the gameplay flow a great deal quicker and an overhauled AI engine ensures that the 3D match is more realistic and natural than ever before.

    On an international level Codemasters will launch territory editions of LMA Manager 2002, following the ongoing success of last year's dedicated French, German, Spanish and Italian versions, which are all Top 5 games in their territories. Utilising its headline licenses from LMA Manager 2001 and featuring localised leagues, the localised versions are: Roger Lemerre La Selection des Champions 2002 (France), BDFL Manager 2002 (Germany), Manager de Liga 2002 (Spain) and Football Manager Campionato 2002 (Italy).

    Codemasters will continue its anti-piracy initiative with LMA Manager 2002. First seen in LMA Manager 2001, Codemasters' FADE system is an encrypted piece of code, which can identify if a counterfeit CD is being played. If activated the FADE code allows the game to play but over the playing session, key elements of degradation result in the pirate copy being little more than a demo.

    The FADE system was particularly effective in combating distribution of illegal copies of LMA Manager 2001 and is being enhanced with even tighter security measures for this edition of the game.

    Says Simon Prytherch, who's led the LMA series since the beginning and is now head of the Codemasters' Hoodoo Studio responsible for the game:

    "Our development work on the PlayStation 2 edition of LMA Manager 2002 has actually helped us adapt some of the PS one game code to improve the speed, responsiveness and fluidity of play over the 2001 edition. "Football fans who need the latest season's stats - every last one of them - are well catered for with LMA Manager 2002, all wrapped up in the game that makes players feel as if they really are managing a football club."

    Michael Hayes, Codemasters' Marketing Director, adds:

    "The LMA games are the season's champions year in and year out. We've mastered the art of delivering the most successful console-based football management game every time and this start-of-season edition is something LMA fans have been asking for." Codemasters will launch LMA Manager 2002, for PlayStation, this October with a RRP of £19.99.

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    "The greatest football management game ever"
    Official PlayStation Magazine 9/10

    "The only console footie manager that makes you feel like a real manager"
    Gamesmaster 92%

    "The closest you'll get to being a football boss."
    The Sun Sport (online)

    "The doyen of football management on the PlayStation"
    The Sunday Times

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Press release (26th April 2001):


    April 26 2001: Codemasters' today confirms details of the much-rumoured PlayStation 2 extension of the mighty LMA Manager, the most successful football management series ever for video game consoles.

    LMA Manager 2002 debuts Q1 2002 on PlayStation 2 and, rather than being a conversion of a text-heavy PC title, continues the series' renowned reputation of being the only football management game written exclusively for console gamers.

    It continues the series' long-running endorsement of the League Managers Association. Codemasters also promises dedicated editions for each of the major European territories, supported with specific packaging, territory-specific headline licenses and marketing materials.

    LMA Manager 2002 will be the only PlayStation 2 football management game that enables players to analyse on-pitch action, make tactical changes and substitutions at any time - even mid match - by effectively shouting instructions from the dug out.

    "We're also designing it to be as stimulating visually as it is mentally," explains Simon Prytherch, producer of the LMA series and now head of one of Codemasters' internal development studios. "PlayStation 2 gamers want something that really uses their machines and captures all the emotion, excitement and atmosphere of managing a real football club. There's no way they'd be happy working with glorified spreadsheets."

    Over the previous two games in the PSone series, LMA Manager 2002 on PlayStation 2 has a much improved match section with heightened Artificial Intelligence, detailed animations, action replays and after match analysis.

    It delivers the ultimate match action from where the player can make their decisions on the team and players based on exactly how they are playing. Just like a real football manager, it requires good gut-reaction to know how the match is progressing. "You won't see a real manager sitting in the dugout looking at a spreadsheet to assess how his players are performing", reinforces Simon.

    Gameplay really flows thanks to the immediacy of available information. By making efficient use of PS2 memory handling, Codemasters aims to eliminate virtually all in-game loading. For instance, players no longer have endure a long wait when moving forward in the calendar a few days because the matches are played a lot quicker and the majority of the loading is eliminated.

    LMA Manager 2002 also delivers beautiful action replays. Players get the chance to see all of the goals again in an action replay format. Immediately after the match Alan Hansen takes players through the major events, slowing down the action and analysing the team's performance.

    LMA Manager is one of the best selling PlayStation-exclusive video game brands. Now with 17,000 authentic players in 722 clubs across 28 countries throughout Europe. Each of the 722 clubs will have their own stadium and home, away and goalkeeper strips. Codemasters is confident of repeating its PSone success by making LMA Manager 2002 the number one football management game on PlayStation 2.

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