Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/94:
    Die Legende ist wieder da. Diese neue Version des berühmten Arcade-Actionspiels bietet 150 Level in 10 verschiedenen unterirdischen Welten. Ihr Ziel: die verschollenen Schätze zu bergen, während Sie herumklettern, graben und de Gegner ausmanövrieren. Sie haben außerdem die Möglichkeit, Ihre eigenen Labyrinthe zu entwerfen!

    Erhältlich für PC CD-ROM, PC 3.5 und für Macintosh November 94.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (205268) on Apr 02, 2010.

Sierra Winter Catalog 94/95:
    "Lode Runner is a wonderfully addictive strategy/action game." -Rick Raymo, Electronic Entertainment

    The ultra-addictive arcade action game form the 80s is back and better than ever. Imagine, you're Jake Peril, the ultimate bounty hunter and all-around hero type, racing underground through the Evil Empire to regain the stolen trasures of the world. If you do the job right, you'll be rich and famous - if not, you'll be ripped to bits by the deadly Mad Monks. Zap traps for these masters of murder and mayhem with your trusty laser pistol, or foil them with transporters, gas, ooze, even bombs! Dodge, scramble and psych yourself to victory through 150 all-new levels. Design your own devious new levels with the fast and versatile Game Generator. Pop open the palette of powerful tools, then put everything - background, enemies, trasure, ladders - in place. Presto. Your own sequel!

  • The classic 80s grab-and-dash arcade thriller screams back to life with over 150 new levels in 256 colors.
  • Ten different worlds with cinematic intros showing how to use each world's special evasive device.
  • Create custom levels with the lightning quick Game Generator.
  • Team up with a friend to play head-to-head against the Mad Monks.

  • Contributed by Adam Baratz (1484) on Mar 29, 2001.