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Lode Runner Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Game credits
The main menu
Beginning the first level
Some interesting challenges to deal with here
Trapped one of my opponents in a hole
Climbing along a rope at the top of the screen

Apple II version

Title Screen
Run around and pick up the gold.
Blow holes into the ground to trap those crazy monks.
Level 9
Wide Open Spaces
Level 28
Level 32
Is that one of the Broderbund crowns?
Happy 40th
Who's Ron?
Lots o' Ladders
Apple Forever!

Arcade version

Title screen
Let's collect eggs.
One more to collect.
Game Over.
Nearly at the exit.
Next level.
Mechanical spiders

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Game start
The enemy is using the washing line
The level-completion ladder is there
Screen 2
Lost another life
Level 1 with NTSC artifacting

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Credits, with a strange in-joke
Main menu
What each block does
Game start
Game Over
High scores, en Francais

BBC Micro version

Title Screen
Controls to play
Controls to edit
Main Menu
Starting to play
Making holes for opponents
Running to next level
Waiting for falling foes
Game Over
Another foe in the hole

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting the first level
Climbing along a rope
The levels are starting to get tougher
Level 4 - Brøderbund Crowns
Level 9 - Castle
Level 24 - Ship
Level 44 - Lode Runner
Level 91 - Towers
Level 97 - Rocket ship
Level 100

DOS version

Title screen
Attract mode: dissolving platforms.
Attract mode: walking over fallen enemies.
Level 1 - start
Level 1 - climbing the ladder.
Level 1 - I'm in for it!
Level 1 - out of lives!
High score table
Let's look ahead to... level 216!
Level 529!
Level 800!
And why not wrap it off with level 999? How many games do you see with a thousand levels these days?
Level editor (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
Digging ditches in level 1 (Hercules)
Found some gold (Hercules)
Level editor (Hercules)
Game option

Macintosh version

Title screen.
In-game action.

MSX version

Title screen
Start the game
Use the stairs

NES version

Title screen (US release)
Title Screen (Jpn release)
Grab all the gold to finish each level.
Making a bridge...
Trap enemies by making holes.
Out of luck.
End of stage bonus
Level edit mode

PC-88 version

Title screen

PC-98 version

Title screen
Start of the first level
That guard is trapped

PC Booter version

Title Screen with Extra menu
Title Screen / Alternate version
Title screen (Tandy version)
Top Scores
Start Level 1
Burn away the ground for the enemies to fall in
Really hard levels

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Level 1
Level 2 introduces a couple places you cannot dig
Level 4 and lots of ladders

SG-1000 version

Title Screen
Get the gold!
Making a hole in the ground big enough to engulf an enemy with.
It's time to move on!
The second level.
Game Over

VIC-20 version

Title screen
Running around the first level
Being chased around the second level

WonderSwan version

Our Hero... And an enemy
Pick a mode.
Climbing to get treasure.
Digging a hole.
Fleeing an evil creature.
Killed by a foe.
Digging a hole will briefly stop a enemy.

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Collect all boxes of gold to finish level
Climb on ladders and reach higher places
Use short or long ropes as transfer
Burn temporary hole to set clever trap
Falling down right on the golden box
Don't catch yourself in your own trap
Running away just from one angry enemy
These ladders lead right to the next level
Some boxes of gold are hard to get
It's not possible dig a hole on solid platform
You can edit all screens in level editor

Official Screenshots

  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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  • Lode Runner Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Lode Runner Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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  • Lode Runner Screenshot
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