Lord Monarch Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Who is that?!..
Introducing the hero, Prince Alfred
Teikoku Kagegidan... sanjo!!.. Ehh... Oops. Wrong game...
Choose story mode or go directly to battles
Not much to view in this map layout
Kingdom Monarch
Alfred is talking to his dad
In Genesis version, you can move around before you engage in battles.
Stage information
Your next move?
Status Screen

PC-98 version

Title screen
Getting started
Viewing the whole map
Viewing the countries
Should we make peace?..
Supervising from the castle
Meanwhile, those dwarves aren't waiting...
I shall conquer your all soon!..
Farming is the only way

SNES version

Title Screen
Main menu with a nice background
Welcome to... Lord Monarch!
Your standard setting
Character information
Hey, let's be friends!
What's going on in that castle...
Wilderness area
Some scenarios are set in close quarters
SUSHI?!! What the...
Those long corridors...
A scenario for the pig-lovers among us
Whom to choose as an ally?
Weird location
The Wind Crystal! Come on, Reina!! Oh, wrong game again...
Cutesy scenario
This is some sort of a demonic place...
Mysterious dark forest
Hmm, this screen doesn't promise anything friendly...