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Lorna Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Swamp monster attacks
This guy has a gun that can easily kill you
Transition to the air bike phase
The trees are almost impossible to miss
Assaulted by goblins
Goblin boss
This goblin loves Lorna
Entering the dungeon
A reaper attacker

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
A flying item
Game over

Atari ST version

Title screen. Though the colors are drab and Lorna's pose is bizarre, one can't help but admire the amount of detail in this piece.
Starting level 1 - monsters crawl out of the swamp to claw at Lorna's luscious ass.
Feeding a local creature with some tasty, refreshing rifle-butt to the face
Being badgered by native wildlife.
Often, running away is the best strategy. I guess once they fall back into the swamp the creatures lose interest in our hero.
Running past certain enemies works too.
Uh oh - as soon as you see this guy on the edge of the screen - DUCK! He's insta-kill-happy.
Finished level 1. Watch a tiny cutscene.
Level 2 is as magnificent technically as it is absolutely freaking infuriating from the gameplay standpoint.
Phew - done with level 2... something tells me I'll see the likes of it again...
About to pummel some goblins.
This little douchebag doesn't cause damage directly, but will render Lorna immobile for good 20 seconds or so if he is to make contact with her... Make sure his face makes contact with the rifle butt.
Fighting the level boss.
Ohh, yeah - how did I know? More speederbike scenes! Did I mention that you have to be a superhuman freak to beat them without cheating?
For your information - in Lorna the player is given 3 lives and 12 bullets total - no extra lives, health, continues, or even ammo is found anywhere in the game. Cheating is your only option.
Eat shrubbery space cowboy!
Like the game wasn't difficult enough up until this point, this level features a non-linear layout and indestructible enemies. On other hand... luscious buttocks!
Whooping on a rat warrior's ass.
See that grim reaper up above? Some of those are harmless, but spawn easy to kill skeleton warriors, the other - kills you instantly on contact. And you never know which is which.
Those red dragon dudes - indestructible!
I wouldn't spoil the arrival of the final boss - it made me jump: )
All this insane difficulty for THIS?!

DOS version

Title Screen
Title Screen - Staff
"Walking on the jungle..."
A monster appearing from the sea!
Eat my rifle, bastard!
Great jump
Better landing
Oh, noooooo! (another life lost...)
Her hair has his own life, you can see their movement
I'm tired... another jump?
Argh! that hurts!
This bad guy can't crouch... we can stay on that position for years
You need much more to stop my attack :)
Level 2 (EGA).
Title Screen (CGA).
Level 1: Under Attack! (CGA).

MSX version

Title screen
Intro screen
The jungle
Watch out for monsters...
and other creatures
No jungle anymore...

ZX Spectrum version

First load screen
Second load screen. This assembles itself from a series of randomly floating pieces
Third load screen
Game options 1 Keyboard 2 Redefine keys 3 Kempston 4 Sinclair 5 Cycles through parts 1 - 5 0 Play
Key redefinition screen
The game starts here. There are two white dots, one above Lorna's knee and the other over towards the blue man. These represent the start & end of this phase.
The first guard. These come along at regular intervals. If they are not killed they walk left to the end of the level, turn around, and walk back to attack from behind.
Lorna's first life has been lost. Dead enemies & Lorna's all drop off the edge
There's something being carried by that green dragon. Also a guard has made it to the left end and is coming up behind Lorna. Guards move faster than Lorna
All three lives lost. There's no hi-score. Replaying is easy, the next screen says 'Hit Fire to start again' - or something very similar
Another attempt and Lorna's travelled further. The green dragon is now bringing her a chicken, probably flame grilled.
About a third of the way through and attacked on both sides. This is a key point on this level because that's a trap that triggers an arrow, just visible on the right
Once past the arrow the type of enemy changes. Gameplay's still the same though.