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Lost Eden Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Options window
Companions screen: characters that will join and leave your party
Opening screen
Your friend Eloi
Your father, the king
Monk in the Citadel of MO
Your opponent, Moorkus Rex, appears in the tablet
Brontosaurus helping you to build a citadel
Building a citadel
This fella will give you hints through his spirit after he passes away
You can replay dialogue to get vital clues of previous endeavours
Your party will change over the course of the game. Now you have Dina, Eloi and Thugg with you
With the help of the brontosaurus, the citadel is soon finished, but you'll need to reinforce them later on.
One of many travel cinematics when you go from one destination to another.
That's you up there!
Map overview of Koto. You go "deeper" into the world once you click somewhere on it.
Meeting the Koto.
These are the velociraptors. They're the key to winning over the Tyranns.
The triceratops are invaluable since they help reinforce your citadels.
Meeting the Aquasaurus. You'll need their help to get you to further islands.
One can wonder what this character resembles. Later on you'll find out it's just a mask.
Taking your party further with rafts
Talking to Eve
Strange inhabitants of Cantura
The pterodactyls are *the* way to travel!
Citadels are receiving reinforcement with the help of brontosaurus and the triceratops
Queen joins your party
The enbalmers give you three objects of power to fight the Tyrann.
The White Arch, home of Eloi and his kin
The grandfather of dinosaurs in the Valley of mists gives you important advice
The entire world map
Old Eloi, as the storyteller in the game
You'll need to confront Morkuus Rex alone
Throne of Morkuus Rex, don't meet with him unprepared!
Morkuus Rex

Windows version

Language select screen on the startup
Title screen
The land of the dinosaurs
No matter the time period, T-Rex is never the good guy
Pterodactyles are flying toward the last safe place to announce the impending threat
Humans and dinosaurs once lived as allies
Opening movie title
You start your adventure in the citadel of Mo
Game options can be accessed by clicking on your character
Talking to one of the king's guards
Taking the elevator down to lower levels of citadel
There are several ways to proceed from the elevator ground floor
Entrance to the throne room ahead
Your room
The throne room, the king has a visitor from the north
Talking to your father, the king
Visiting the tombs
Talking to the citadel's mage
The visitor coming from a far to give a warning
Torture room
Many character don't speak recognizable
With a pterodactyle friend it's easy to leave the citadel from this opening
Click right mouse button to see the player and others in your party
Some characters will give you key objects you will have to use later in the game

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