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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen.
The killer emerges from the shadows.
Ma'am, I'm afraid that you're getting scalpeled.
Holmes and Watson discuss the new case.
Unlike the DOS version, the 3DO has FMV actors.
Inspector Lestrade welcomes Holmes to the crime scene.
Investigate the area in great detail.
Dr. Watson weighs in with his medical opinion.
Interviewing a witness.
Map screen lets you move about London.
Searching the deceased's flat, but it looks like someone else got here first.
Keep your eyes peeled for hidden clues.
Holmes' place on Baker street.
You'll get to enlist the services of the Irregulars.

DOS version

The title screen.
From the intro: The murderer flees the scene of the crime.
From the intro: Holmes and Watson get ready to move.
Holmes examines the victim. You've got to discover details like scratches and marks.
Loyal helper Watson introduces Holmes to suspects.
A visit to Scotland Yard and meeting with Inspector Lestrade.
Holmes studies corpses at the morgue.
Holmes adds a calling card to his inventory (bottom of screen).
Dialogues are multiple-choice.
As the game progresses, new locations are added to the city map.
Lost Files nicely boils down an opera performance to the essentials.
Holmes offers a sample of his famous deductive skills.
Watson's journal is a convenient source of information.
Holmes has traced an important item to this pawn shop.
You will conduct experiments in Holmes chemical home laboratory.
If a life is at stake, Holmes doesn't shy manual labour -- be it pushing crates around.
Holmes and Watson make a nuisance of themselves in a distinguished upper-class shop.
Even London's aristocracy is suspect.
The reliable hound Toby has led Holmes and Watson to the docks.
A cutscene: A despairing suspect executes himself.
Modern sport stars could learn from this guy.
Ah, the zoo! Unfortunately, our heroes are not here for recreation.
Dramatical rescue of a lady...
...and an impressive explosion.
In-game mini-game: Play darts with pub customers.
Talking to a young lady.
Time to bust up this shame operation!
An apartment.
Opera house lobby.
Outside the police station.
Lawyer's office.
221B Baker Street.
Talking with someone.
A small flat.
Kids playing nearby.
A ladies' shop.
Office lobby.